24 x 36 Canvas Photo Print

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24 x 36 canvas photo print

Welcome back to Friday! Let’s start our weekend together with a tried and true classic canvas, a 24 x 36 photo print! Home owners all across the country currently have a 24 x 36 canvas hanging over their beds, kitchen table, or living room sofa. 

Coming in at exactly 2 feet tall and 3 inches wide, this canvas is the perfect size to be the star of any space in your home, without feeling overwhelmingly large. This is why it's found itself on so many walls around the world! Also, this size is great for blowing up even smartphone photos to cherish the fleeting moments that our pocketable devices allow us to capture. 

On a 24 x 36 canvas photo print, any type of photo will look incredible! Still not able to travel? Hang up your favorite snapshot from your last vacation and relive that moment every day! Or you can create a canvas masterpiece using your most heartwarming family photos with family members you haven’t been able to visit with lately. Because we use strictly the best materials and printing technology, your photos will be reproduced with accurate colors and lifelike sharpness, and last for just as long as your favorite memories - forever.

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