36 x 12 Canvas

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36 x 12 canvas


One of our favorite things to do here at CanvasPrints.com is fulfill orders for customers that are looking for something a little unique! Because you can create your own custom canvas, at any size between 40 inches tall or wide, a 36 x 12 canvas print is certainly on the table! 

You may ask - who would need a 3 foot tall by 1 foot wide canvas? Our answer is, who doesn’t? We love printing at unusual sizes because it allows you to get even more creative with your home decor. After all, why limit yourself to arbitrary sizes? Our canvas prints arrive at your door ready to hang, so you don’t need to worry about finding an outdated standard frame size. 

So what kinds of photos look good on a tall and skinny canvas like a 36 x 12? We’ve seen this size a few times before, so we’re here to help. Try uploading your vacation photos with tall buildings in them, or cropping a sunset photo to create a unique display of beautiful colors. Just upload your photo and start experimenting! We can’t wait to see what you create! 

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