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2021 Holiday Gift Guide |

So, you’re looking to nail your holiday shopping and give your loved ones a thoughtful, custom, and personalized gift this year…congrats! You’re in the right place to do that. is the best place on the web to design your own custom canvas prints that you and your family and friends can cherish your years to come! 

holiday gifts canvas prints

However, there are plenty of sizes and styles of canvas prints that we proudly create, over 1,000! So, here’s a quick guide on all of our products to help you choose the best canvas prints for your friends and family, and make this holiday season one to remember! 

The Classic Single Canvas Print 


holiday gifts canvas prints

The one that started it all! Available in a wide range of sizes, from 8” x 8”, all the way to 40” x 40”, there’s a classic canvas print that can fit in any room in your home, even on a small shelf or desktop! Each canvas we ship is printed with eco-solvent, environmentally friendly inks, onto our proprietary custom cotton blended canvas, and wrapped around a durable, yet lightweight pine wood frame. This combination of premium, American made materials results in a gallery quality canvas, for an everyday price.


holiday canvas prints

So, who is the classic single canvas print for? Well, the short answer is, everyone! However, you can create a small square canvas for your spouse's office, or your college students dorm room. Also, you can turn your favorite family photo into a larger canvas to hang proudly in your living room! Our favorite thing about our timeless, classic canvas prints is that even though they're a simple product, they allow for endless possibilities! 

Use Up To 16 Photos At Once With A Collage!

holiday gifts canvas prints

For our customers that simply couldn’t settle on just a single photo, we created our incredible lineup of 8 custom canvas collages, allowing you to upload all the way up to 16 of your favorite photos, all on a single canvas print! Even better, a canvas collage retains most of the versatility of a single canvas, available in smaller sizes like 12” x 12”, up to 30” x 30”! 


holiday gifts canvas prints

You don’t need any special software or a design degree to create your own collage, just pick your favorite style, and upload all of your photos into the template! 

holiday gifts canvas prints


A canvas collage is a great gift for a special person in your life that seems to be filling up your camera roll! You can design a collage for a grandparent with all your kids photos, or create a collage with all your teams best photos from throughout the season for your coach!


Tell Your Story With A Custom Canvas Wall Display

holiday gifts canvas prints

Some of our most  breathtaking, and unique products are our canvas wall displays! When you have a collection of photos from a certain important event, or you just can’t decide on a single photo, a wall display is the way to go! 

Named after some of the most beautiful waterfalls surrounding our headquarters in Western North Carolina, our collection of 14 unique wall displays offer a way for anyone to transform their living room, dining room, or any space in your home.

holiday gifts canvas prints

One of the best use cases for a canvas wall display is when you have a collection of photos that you want to display. These could be a number of important milestones and happenings in you or your families lives - a wedding, gender reveal, graduation, family reunion or anything in between. 

Ranging from 3 individual canvases, all the way up to 9 - a canvas wall display combines a variety of canvases of differing sizes to create a cohesive ensemble of photos, working together to tell the story of your event. 

holiday gifts canvas prints

Do you have a newlywed couple in your life? Ask them for their favorite wedding photos and create a wall display that tells their entire story of their special day! Or you can design a wall display that shows all of your kids in action on the court, field, or diamond! 


A Single Photo, Three Canvases, One Unforgettable Centerpiece! 

holiday gifts canvas prints

Finally, our newest product line, canvas triptychs are simply the best way to turn an incredible photo into something even more special. Originally used centuries ago in Europe as an easier way to transport large pieces of artwork, the style has spread around the world and become one of the most popular displays in the modern art scene. A canvas triptych consists of three large, individually sized canvases that work together to display a single photo, adding an extra sense of flare and character. Triptychs are often used to display incredible landscape scenes, environmental portraits, but they can also show off graphic art and more abstract subjects. 

holiday gifts canvas prints

A canvas triptych can be an incredible holiday gift, and it’s sure to hang prominently and proudly in your family's home for years to come! However, you might be picking up a lot of jaws off your floor! Some of the best photos that our customers use for their triptychs are vacation photos, the view from the pinnacle of their favorite local hike, and even portraits of their kids and family. We recommend that you use a photo with the subject in the middle of the frame. 

Don’t worry, you won't have to guess if your photo will look good as a triptych. Simply pick your style, upload your photo, and an instant preview will be created for you! No confusing software required! 

Simply put, any of our 1,000+ canvas styles and sizes will make a great gift for your friends and family this holiday season. Whatever you decide to create, we can’t wait to print it for you! Make your holiday shopping a little less stressful with our 100% money back guarantee, and free shipping on ALL products! Order soon to get ahead of our busiest time of the year! And don’t forget! Share a photo of your new canvas with us on Instagram for a FREE $10 gift card! 

Happy Holidays!

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