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5 Creative Ways To Use Canvas Prints In Your Home Decor

One of our favorite things about canvas prints is just how versatile they are. And while most people would think that the only use for canvas printing is for just photographs, it's quite the opposite - you can use canvas prints to display a huge variety of artwork, ambience and meaningful decor other than photographs! 

Abstract Art 

canvas prints

If you don’t want to go the photographic route with your home decor, graphic art is a great way to add extra flare and character to your home. You can upload an image of your favorite piece of artwork and display it at any size from 8 to 40 inches tall or wide! Your graphic art will look incredible on canvas, and with our state of the art printing technology, colors will be rich and vibrant! 

Kids Art

canvas prints

While it may also look a bit abstract, your kids' art that they make at home or in art class can be super meaningful and heartwarming. A great way to make it last even longer is to turn it into a larger canvas print that will last for years to come. Simply take a photo with your phone or camera, and upload it to! Be sure to choose a size that will include the entirety of the artwork! Your child will be so happy to have their hard work proudly displayed in the living room for all to see, instead of the kitchen fridge! 


canvas prints

A great way to add some heartfelt decoration to any room in your home is to create a canvas print that displays your favorite quotes! A popular aesthetic choice in farmhouse style decor, your favorite inspirational quote can make any room in your house feel more like a home. 

 Old / Vintage Pictures

canvas prints

If you have a shoebox of old photographs laying around - you can bring them back to life with canvas prints. Show off your family history by scanning old prints or take photos of your favorite old pictures to upload them to! For maximum image quality, try taking your old photos to a camera store near you to get them professionally scanned! 

Add Some Ambience

canvas prints

Maybe you want to add a bit more of a stylized feel to a certain room in your house? You can make your kitchen feel like a rustic, vintage italian restaurant with canvas prints! You can upload free stock photos and hang up photos of ingredients and dishes to give your kitchen a little extra spice! 

Another fun thing to put on canvas prints is your favorite family recipe, so you’ll never misplace it! Better yet, you can surround a canvas print with your recipe on it with photos of ingredients with a canvas wall display!

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