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Capture Fall Photographs With Ease!

fall photos canvas prints

We’re over a week into October and Fall is in full swing! The air outside is getting crisper, and temperatures are slowly dropping - the team here at couldn’t be any more excited to start printing our customers incredible fall photos. After printing thousands of fall photos year after year, we’ve learned a thing or two about capturing the best moments of our favorite time of year! Whether you’re planning on breaking out your dusty DSLR, or showing off your new iPhone 13’s camera, keep reading to help you capture fall and all of its beauty before winter sweeps it away! 

1. The Best Camera Is The One You Have On You! 

The world of technology moves fast these days. Every year, all the big brands are releasing new cameras and cell phones that take even better photos than ever before, allowing you to capture any moment with just your fingertips. Truth be told, the increases in image quality made year after year are marginal, and there’s no need to stress about having the latest and greatest.

2. Don’t Forget To Shoot Sideways!

fall photos canvas prints

Especially with our phones, we are easily susceptible to only shooting in the vertical orientation, because that’s how we hold our phone 99% of the time. When faced with a view of beautiful fall color, make sure to rotate your phone horizontally to capture more of the scene, and create a beautiful panoramic canvas print after! 

3. Shoot Fast! 

Many smartphones and almost all digital cameras today have the ability to shoot multiple pictures a second! This makes taking action photos of your family easier than ever! So don’t be scared to hold down that shutter button, and pick your favorite photos later! 

4. Change Your Perspective

fall photos canvas prints

How many times have you watched people taking photos with their camera positioned right in front of their face, at eye level? This is the angle and perspective that everyone sees everyday. The easiest way to create a more compelling photograph is by getting higher or lower! Maybe get low and include some fallen orange leaves! Just remember to bend with your knees, not your back!  This tip is great for photographing your kids, get down on their level and start snapping away! 

5. Time Your Photos 

If you’ve ever scrolled through instagram, you’re sure to know what the term “golden hour” means. Going out to take family photos just before sunset, or even just after sunrise, if you’re able to wake everyone up, results in photos with dreamy, warm, soft light that makes everyone look better! Pair this with some beautiful fall foliage in the background, and you’ll have family photos that look like they belong in an editorial! 

6. Print Your Photos! 

Did you know, largely thanks to mobile photography and social media - 97% of photos taken today are only viewed once! The team here at wants to change that! Simply upload your favorite fall photos, and after just a few clicks you’ll have a gallery quality canvas print that can show off your photo skills and beautiful family for years to come!

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