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Decorate Your Home With Custom Canvas Art

Custom Canvas Prints

Adding an extra sense of character and personal touch to your home is super easy with canvas prints. Elegant yet affordable, canvas prints allow you to decorate any living space with your favorite memories and photos, without hurting your wallet. offers a wide assortment of canvas options, so you can find the perfect canvas print that will fit perfectly into your home decor and show off your photo for years to come. 

Why Use Canvas Prints?

We love canvas prints for many reasons, but they’ve recently exploded in popularity because of just how easy they make it to hang up your favorite photos and memories. With traditional photo printing, not only do you have to pay for expensive prints, you also have to go through the hassle of finding correctly sized and matching frames for each print, taking up more of your precious time and hard earned money. 

When you use, we do all of the heavy lifting. A canvas print combines the print itself and the frame into one single product. Your image will elegantly wrap around the frame, allowing your photo to take center stage. This also lifts the surface of your photo off the wall, making it stand out that much more, and adding extra depth and dimension to your decor. Skip the hassle of framed photographic prints, and receive a ready to hang canvas print at your door when you order from

Over 1,000 Canvas Sizes

When you create a canvas print, you simply don’t have to compromise. At, you can choose from over 1,000 unique canvas sizes. No more cropping your photo to fit into traditional frame sizes. Simply input your desired size once you upload your photo at From our small but charming 8” x 8” canvas, all the way up to 40 inches tall or wide, we can create the perfect canvas to fit your home and photo. Whether you want to create a small addition to your office, or hang up an attention grabbing living room centerpiece, has you covered. 

Not only do we offer a vast variety of sizes, we’ve also designed a collection of more unique canvas solutions that allow you to showcase your favorite photos in a truly unforgettable way. 

Canvas Prints Collages

Just can’t decide on one photo to hang up as a canvas print, but don’t have the available wall space for multiple? Our custom canvas collages are here to save the day. A canvas collage is the perfect way to print various photos all in one space, in a compact yet elegant design. With 8 collage designs to choose from, allowing you to combine up to 16 photos, we know that you’ll be able to find the perfect style for you and your pictures. Also available in sizes ranging from 12” x 12” to 30” x 30” your canvas collage can be small enough to fit into a tight space, or large enough to hold its own in a larger area.

Also, one of the most common uses for our canvas collages are for gifts! Collages are a great way to remember time spent together with any special person in your life, and are personal, thoughtful gifts that will last a lifetime. Don’t worry there is no Photoshop required in creating your collage. Just select a style and upload each of your photos, while an instant preview builds on your screen as you go! 

Canvas Prints Wall Displays

But what if you DO want to create something large and unforgettable?! Enter our canvas wall displays! Our most dynamic offering, wall displays are undoubtedly the best way to tell a special story across multiple canvases of various sizes and photos. offers an astounding 14 different wall display collections, ranging from 3 to 9 canvases included in each collection. Canvas wall displays are great for covering a large amount of wall space, and are always a conversation starter with all of your family, friends and guests. Whether you want to hang up a collection of snapshots from your last vacation, or showcase your dreamy, romantic wedding photos, a canvas wall display is simply the best option to tell your story. Personalize any one of our 14 wall display options today, and hang up a collection of canvases that your guests will never forget! 

 Canvas Prints Triptychs

Finally, our newest product, canvas triptychs, offer a new exciting way to display that one photograph that you just can’t get enough of. A canvas triptych divides one photograph across three individual canvases, creating a more dynamic and unique way to view one incredible image. offers two variations of triptychs, the classic, and the classic flow. The classic triptych consists of three identically sized canvases, while the flow variation offers a slightly taller middle canvas, which is great for photographs with a centered subject or composition. Some of the most common photos we print onto canvas triptychs are panoramic landscape images, scenic photos, and graphic art. However, they can also be used for environmental portraits, especially if the person in the photo is centered. Luckily you won’t have to do any designing or guesswork when creating your canvas triptych. Simply pick a style and size, and upload your photo. You’ll see an instant preview right on your screen, just like our collages! 


Perfect personalized gift for any occasion

Canvas prints are also an incredible option when you’re looking for the perfect gift for an important person in your life. When you want to give a gift that is super personal, and will last for a lifetime, custom canvas prints are your best bet. Not only will they commemorate your special time spent with that person, that canvas print will last just as long as your memories together. 

  • Father’s Day 
  • Graduation Day 
  • Christmas 

Adding canvas prints to your home is easy, all it takes is just a few clicks, and a ready to hang canvas will be on it’s way to your doorstep. But if you really want to turn your living room to rival a modern art gallery, here’s a few tips that will take your home decor skills to the next level. 

First, the best way to create cohesive and well thought out space is by considering the existing elements of your room, like the style and color of furniture, your walls, and/or appliances. For example, try to hang canvas photos that compliment the colors of the furniture that they will be hanging above, and so on. 

Also, don’t be afraid to get creative with your hanging and spacing. Mix up vertical and horizontally oriented photos, and try staggering each canvas to create a path for the eye to follow. Another great tip is that not every canvas needs to be hung from the wall! Try out setting one a shelf, or simply prop larger prints up on the floor! This can sometimes help to make the room feel even larger! 

Canvas Printing Process is committed to providing gallery quality canvas prints, at unbeatable low prices. This is because we believe that decorating your home with your favorite memories and photos should be easy, elegant, and affordable. We use a proprietary cotton blended canvas, water resistant inks, and state of the art printing technology. Also, every canvas that goes out our doors is backed by a 100% money back guarantee


Custom canvas prints provide almost endless possibilities when it comes to home decor. Don’t forget about your favorite photos in your camera roll, head over to and upgrade your living room today! 

Not sure which photos you should turn into canvas art? Check out our idea gallery to get inspired! And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media so you don’t miss out on exclusive deals and discounts on canvas prints

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