NEW Large Canvas Prints - Up to 60 inches!

large canvas prints is incredibly excited to share some truly BIG news with our loyal customers and new friends! We are launching new and even bigger canvas sizes for your wall art. The team has upgraded our site and production facilities to now accommodate large canvas prints up to 60 inches tall or wide! Now, you can create large wall art almost 2 feet bigger than before! 

We've printed thousands of canvas prints since 2019, but it never gets old watching our customers' favorite photos become breathtaking works of art on our oversized canvases. Inspired by your dreams and photos, we redesigned production processes and facilities(link to that article) so that the maker in your has room to bring to life the oversized canvas of your dreams. 

large canvas prints

When was founded in 2019, our mission was to help everyday people make their homes look like an art gallery, using their very own photos. Now with canvas prints measuring up to 5 feet, you might be having to pick some jaws up off the floor. Now with canvas prints measuring up to 5 feet, you’ll be able to make your memories come to life right on your wall! 

Just in time for summer, these room-transforming prints truly are a sight to behold! Created with premium American materials, and cutting-edge printing technology, these new oversized canvases allow you to re-imagine any space with just a few clicks. 

large canvas prints

Your photos from your last family vacation, a view from your favorite hike, and even graphic art and design all look stunning on large wall decor. Also, be sure to try out our new 3D product builder to get an even more detailed look at your big canvas right on your computer screen. 

Whether you want to hang a breathtaking landscape photo, a romantic wedding picture, or make your kid's soccer team look like World Cup legends, our new oversized canvas art can help you create it. 

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