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Personalized Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season is truly like no other. Many families will be separated by thousands of miles and online shopping is more popular than ever before. With so many online gifts to choose from, it can become a real challenge to find the perfect meaningful gift for your loved ones. 

A personalized gift will stand out this holiday season. It is a great reminder to your family and friends that you love them and are thinking of them during this time. It will bring joy to your loved ones to get to see their family, even though you are far apart. This gift guide will take you through the best personalized gifts in 2020. 

  • Canvas Prints
  • Canvas prints have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Their affordability combined with great quality and personalization makes them a highly desirable gift. Canvas prints often feature family portraits, baby photos, and pet portraits. These images bring true joy to the receiver of the gift.

    canvas prints

    During the pandemic when travel is limited and family time is restricted to Zoom, canvas prints help to bring a family element back into Christmas. If you can’t visit your at-risk parents or grandparents this year, a canvas print of the family will help to fill the void. 

  • Wall Displays
  • Wall displays are a step up from the traditional canvas print. They feature multiple canvas prints in one display. This is great if you took family photos or celebrated a special event like a wedding or birthday this year. Wall displays make sure to beautifully showcase all of your favorite photos.

    canvas wall displays

    Canvas print wall displays eliminate the problem of only getting to pick just one photo. Wall displays are the perfect gift to show your love this holiday season. With the custom cotton canvas blend and latex inks, the images will pop off of the canvas. We offer wall displays ranging from three canvases to nine canvases, meaning you will find the perfect display for your photos.

  • Photo Blankets
  • Cozy up under a custom photo blanket this holiday season. Nothing says love like giving the gift of comfort and joy, which are both included in one of our custom photo blankets. Pick from a 100% cotton woven blanket or a super soft fleece blanket and upload your favorite image.

    photo blankets

    Photo blankets are great for family portraits, baby photos, nature pictures, and more. These blankets are both stunning and comfortable, making them a very practical gift this holiday season. Loved ones of any generation will love one of these blankets with their favorite memories printed or woven into the blanket. 

  • Triptychs
  • Triptychs are far from the traditional piece of wall art. For those looking to stand out with their gift, a triptych is the perfect choice. A triptych divides one photo over three canvases to create the final display. The panels are typically displayed two inches apart from each other to create clear separation without losing the story of the image. 

    triptych wall art

    A triptych is a bold and dynamic gift that will help bring class into a space without the high-class budget. For those looking to impress, look no further than a triptych this holiday shopping season.

  • Collages
  • Canvas photo collages are a hot item this holiday season! They allow you to feature multiple images without the expense of a wall display. Canvas collages have between three to sixteen photo slots where you can upload the photos of your choice. These photos can range from family photos to scenic photos and more.

    canvas print collages

    Canvas collages are a high-quality gift for 2020 being 100% American made. The quality will shine through the images and your family and friends will know how much thought went into this gift. If you are looking for an affordable yet unique gift, check out a canvas print collage.

    A personalized gift is the way to go this holiday season for those looking to stand out. These five custom gifts carry a sense of love that your family and friends will cherish for years to come. By selecting one of these gifts you will be able to save money while giving the gift of a lifetime. Due to the unique nature of 2020 and online shopping, be sure to order these items soon to make sure they are received in time for the holidays! Your family at wishes you a safe and happy holiday season, and we can’t wait to see your smiling faces printed onto a personalized gift.

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