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Picture to Canvas

Picture to Canvas specializes in creating custom artwork for everyday people to hang in their homes. No longer do you need to own a big expensive camera, or spend hundreds for high quality prints that look like they should be in a gallery. Our process is easy, just upload your favorite photo, use our recommended print size, or pick one out for yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be hanging a custom canvas print, displaying one of your most cherished memories for years to come. 

Canvas prints are becoming increasingly popular amongst home decor enthusiasts and home-owners in general. We believe this is because of the unique character that a canvas print can bring to almost any photograph. Canvas prints create depth in your home by being slightly raised from the surface they’re hung from. This adds a dynamic quality to your home and makes your photographs stand out from the crowd. We find that any product in our wide selection of custom canvas prints are great conversation starters and help your family and friends look back on special moments spent together. 

We see a wide variety of different styles of photos come through our printing house. Whether it’s your  wedding photos, highlights from a recent family vacation, family (or pet) portraits, or anything in between, we can print it. These don’t have to be professional photos either! Believe it or not, some of our favorite canvases we print come from photos taken with smartphones. These days, smartphone cameras are getting better every year. Couple this fact with our cutting edge printing technology, custom cotton blended canvases, and sturdy pine-wood frames, and anyone can create their own gallery quality canvas prints. We offer 1,000 unique sizes and styles to cater to your special photograph. 

Were super excited to introduce one of our new products, canvas triptychs! These are a great centerpiece for your living room, dining room, or any large space that you want to make a statement in. Triptychs tend to lend themselves to large, breathtaking, wide angle landscape shots. This is because we create 3 large individual, vertical canvases that together show one amazing image. Click here to learn more about this outstanding new offering from 


How to Upload a Picture to a Canvas

At you can upload your photo, and have it ready to go through our printer in just seconds! Not sure what size you should print your photo? Our website can analyze the content, resolution, and clarity of your photo and recommend a size that we are confident will lend itself to a great looking custom canvas print. Next, we have a couple more questions for you. If you’re a photographer or artist shipping this canvas to a client of yours, select “Blind Shipped”. This will remove any of our branding from the canvas or package. By default, your canvas will be shipped with the image wrapped around the border of the frame. However, if black, white, gray, or a mirrored wrap lend themselves to a better looking print or the room you’re planning on hanging it in, be sure to choose that option as well! For our customers that want to see exactly what their photo will look like printed on our canvas, we can provide a digital mockup of the final product. (Please note that next day shipping is not available with this option) After we have all your specifications, your photo will be sent through our printing, house, stretched over a custom pine wood frame, and shipped with care to your door! 

How to Hang a Canvas Picture 

Now that you have unboxed your new custom canvas, you’ve arrived at the most exciting part of the process, hanging your canvas! All of our canvases come standard with a pre-installed sawtooth hanging kit. This means that all you need to do is put a small nail in your wall where you want to proudly hang your piece of art. Then, gently position the sawtooth over the nail, and you’re good to go. Feel free to take a few steps back, and ensure that your canvas is nice and even. For you perfectionists out there, grab a level and tinker with it to your heart’s desire. Okay, now take a couple steps back again, and enjoy your premium custom canvas. If you’re not careful, you might be standing there all day! (We don’t blame you)

But wait, there’s more! We know that some of our customers like to go the extra mile. If you want to hang your canvas in true gallery style fashion make sure you choose our premium hanging kit before you check out. When you choose this option your piece will come with a professional inlaid wire to hang your canvas on. 

Either way you choose to hang your new canvas, we want to see it! Email us a photo of your brand new canvas conversation starter, and we’ll reward you with a $10 gift certificate code! Looks like you better find some more wall space!  

How to Clean a Canvas Picture 

All of our products at are meant to last a lifetime, however we want to make sure that you know how to take care of your precious custom canvases, as they often display some of life’s most cherished and important memories. In general canvas prints are sturdy and can withstand reasonable exposure to heat or moisture. But every once in a while, we recommend that you take some time to check up on your canvas. At, we use water resistant inks to greatly extend the longevity of every canvas that leaves our warehouse. This means that you don't need to worry about general humidity damaging your prints over time. Also, this enables our customers to gently clean their custom canvases. You might not think that something hanging in place on your wall is likely to get dirty, but life happens. Whether your dog shakes mud all over your house, or the kids decide to start a food fight, you’ll be able to clean your canvas if it ever comes across some light adversity. We recommend using a lightly damp washcloth and very gently scrubbing any debri off the surface of the canvas. Be sure to quickly dry your canvas directly after, and it’ll look just like the day you first hung it up! 

However, if you’re going to be hanging your canvas in a room where it is consistently humid, like your bathroom at home, check out our guide on what sizes we recommend. 

The largest size canvas we recommend for bathroom use is 18” x 24”, as larger sizes use more glue and other materials during stretching and framing, that don’t hold up as well against water. But don’t fret, if you have a large area of a bathroom that you want to consider designing multiple smaller canvases. Have a look at our canvas display collection to see how easy it is! Nevertheless, we understand that sometimes you have a vision for how you want your home to look, and we respect that you’re going with your gut. So if you do need a larger canvas in your bathroom, follow some of these tips. 

  • Try to keep as much distance between your print and the shower or bathtub as possible
  • Make sure you use your bathroom fan when showering to eliminate excess steam
  • Open any windows or door to allow hot air and moisture to escape your bathroom

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