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Small Business Saturday - Make Your Spending Dollars Count!

This year is flying by! We’ve made it past thanksgiving, and the holiday (and shopping) season is now in full swing. You’ve probably been bombarded with deals, discounts and offers from all kinds of brands and companies - especially the big guys. This holiday season, you can make your spending dollars a little more impactful by embracing Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday. 

small business Saturday


Small businesses are often and operated by everyday people just like you and your family. Hardworking, American folks that offer important, unique goods and services to their valued customers, while supporting a family and community just like yours. 

Since 2019, CanvasPrints.com has been working hard to provide only the highest quality canvas prints, for reasonable affordable prices, bringing gallery quality resolution, color, and durability into homes of countless people all over the country.

small business saturday

Thanks to cell phones, the art of photography has never been more accessible than it is now. We are all walking around with incredible cameras right in our pockets! However, printing those cherished photos that we take with isn’t as easy as just a few taps. There’s an ocean of options out there, many of which provide questionable quality printing for outrageous prices. This is why Maddison Lake founded CanvasPrints.com - to bring gallery quality canvas printing to the everyday family, and the professional photographer alike. And now, it’s just as easy as snapping a photo, all it takes is a few clicks! 

Our mission doesn’t stop at providing affordable canvas prints, we’ve searched across the country to find the best of the best natural materials, all sourced and made in the USA, to create the perfect canvas print. Our proprietary cotton blended canvases, blend with our environmentally friendly eco solvent inks, using our fleet of Epson S60600L 60" Production Presses along with PrintFactory custom color calibration system to give life-like balances to your photos and illustrations. Eco-Solvent inks are one of the most environmentally friendly inks in production today. With two 4 color printheads, we are able to reach 98% of the visible color gamut, meaning incredible color reproduction. Our state of the art technology, combined with loving craftsmanship results in an impeccable canvas print every time. You can learn about how we create each and every canvas print here

Best of all, using CanvasPrints.com to turn your favorite photos and memories into custom art and decor supports skilled, hard working American employees and their community, here in Asheville, North Carolina! 

A canvas print is the perfect thoughtful and everlasting holiday gift! Finish up your holiday shopping with ease by gifting your loved ones a canvas print that helps them cherish your favorite moments together! On Small Business Saturday, you can get 12% off an 11” x 14” canvas print, one of our most popular and versatile sizes!

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