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When a story needs more than just one picture, creative collages are a great way to bring them all together in one place. Our designs make building collages easy and fun for everyone.

A Collection of Memories

We’ve combined the best of both worlds with our custom canvas picture collages. Our fun and easy to use design tool lets you upload your favorite photos into eight different collage layouts for a creative collage on canvas. This stunning collection of memories is perfect for when a story needs more than just one picture. 

While collages were made popular by cutting images out and gluing them to a single surface, we have streamlined the process by digitizing the creation of collages. This means no more jagged edges on images or sticky glue dripping everywhere. We handcraft every collage with American-made canvas resulting in photo collages that are packed full of vibrant colors and show off your creative side! 

Select your collage design below then choose from four different sizes

White lines separate images and provide an elegant frame for your collage

Collages are great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because

Collage Designs

available sizes from 12" x 12" to 30" x 30"

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Our photo collages are made with the highest quality materials available so that we can represent your favorite photographed memories beautifully. The process starts by you uploading three to sixteen of your favorite images in our online collage designer tool. Each image can be uploaded into the image space you wish to have the image displayed. Our eight layout options have been designed to give you the best quality print and display available. Additionally, each layout is offered in four different sizes.

This makes photo collages our most versatile product line yet.

After you have uploaded your favorite images, you will be able to pick from a variety of creative customizations. Each layout and size can be rotated in nearly any orientation. We also offer blind shipping, next-day shipping, standard or deluxe canvas depth, and premium hanging kit options. Each of these options helps to personalize your print so that it is perfect for you.

Once you have customized your photo collages, place your order and our team will start printing your canvas. Each canvas starts with a pre-press team reviewing your images and applying your customization options. The file is then sent to our state of the art printer. Our printer uses Solvent inks to print onto a custom cotton canvas blend. This custom cotton canvas blend has been designed specifically for gallery-quality canvas prints. It absorbs the ink with a high level of depth and clarity to create stunning collages on canvas.

Our Solvent ink combined with our printer creates a chemical reaction when applied to the custom cotton canvas blend. This reaction causes the ink to become water-resistant on sizes up to 18” x 24” prints. Additionally, the inks are instantly dried resulting in maximum color absorption and retention. With companies that use water-based latex inks, up to 40% of the ink is lost during the drying process. This results in dull canvas picture collages. It is crucial that your favorite family moments stand out for years to come when printed as a collage.

After your collages on canvas have been printed, our framing technicians build a custom frame for your collage. We use post-consumer Pine boards that are sourced from the southern United States when building the frames. 

This wood is both environmentally friendly and durable. Since the canvas will eventually apply a great deal of tension to the frame, it is important that the frame will not warp. Pine board allows us to avoid this warping while also creating a more lightweight product.

For the square photo collages, the sizes range from 12” x 12” to 30” x 30”. This range of sizes combined with our variety of layouts creates over sixty unique collages on canvas. With this many options, the fun is endless!


The customizable nature of canvas collages creates vast opportunities for the content of the images. Anything from family portraits to self portrait collages turns out wonderfully when printed to canvas. The wide range of layouts leaves room for both simple canvas collage ideas and complex canvas collages. Some of our favorite ideas include:

Self portrait collages

Self portrait collages are the perfect gift to loved ones that don’t get to see you often. These images will help bring joy to your loved ones every time they see the collage hanging. Since the colors of the canvas are so detailed, they will be proud to hang this in their living room or hallways. Additionally, self portrait collages make for a great way to display your child’s portraits. Picking one image is often so challenging, and self portrait collages make it easy.

Family portrait collages

Oftentimes, there are too many great family portrait photos to choose from. Our family portrait collages are the perfect solution. They tell the entire family story rather than limiting it to just one photo. Our layouts allow you to create a family portrait collage with as little as three photos and as many as sixteen photos. These collages are not only cute but also creative. Family members will love a family portrait collage as a gift and cherish it for decades to come.

Vacation collages

Vacation collages are a stunning way to reminisce on a vacation gone by. Whether this features family photos on the beach, a scene from a sightseeing tour, or the view from your hotel, vacation collages are the perfect way to celebrate your vacation. Collages are perfect for photos snapped on your smartphone and our online designer makes it easy to upload and mix and match your vacation photos.

Pre-teen decor collages

We’ve all been there. Twelve years old with an obsession for our favorite pop star and a love for our friends. Collages are a perfect decor option for pre-teens looking to add their own style to their space. The affordability of our collages on canvas lends itself to the ever-changing interests of this age group. These collages display photos of your child’s friend group perfectly and they will always have their favorite moments right there with them.

Pet portrait collages

As a creative twist on our classic pet portraits, pet portrait collages help you fit in so many great photos of your furry friends. Whether you have one pet or many, a pet portrait collage will have you covered.

Calendar collages

Pick one of our collage templates with twelve photos for a creative calendar collage. A calendar collage features one image from each month during the prior year. Did you have a great New Years party in January, a fun family vacation in May, or a lovely wedding in September? A calendar collage is the best way to celebrate the highlights from each month.

Wedding portrait collages

The day you join hands with your life partner is such a special day. Every single photograph brings you back to a specific memory from that day. Revisit those top memories with a wedding portrait collage. Pick your favorite wedding photos and cherish them for years to come.

Canvas Print Collage


Where To Make Photo Collages

Right here on In the past, you would have to use a clunky collage app to create a collage, download it to your device, and then upload it to our website. Now, you can do all of this directly on our website. Our intuitive online designer helps you to save time and money while creating your cute collages. We offer eight collage styles to fit every creative combination. Whether you are looking for self portrait collages, family collages, wedding collages, or vacation collages, we’ve got you covered.

How To Make Photo Collages Online

Our online collage tool makes it easy to make photo collages online. Start by uploading each image into the space that you wish to have that image occupy. After you have uploaded your images, choose from customization options such as dividing colors and canvas depth. Place your order and you will have your photo collages in no time.

What Are Photo Collages

Photo collages are a collection of images on a single canvas. Rather than having multiple canvas prints to display your images, a collage displays all of your favorite images in one place. We offer eight collage layouts that can hold three to sixteen images each. This allows you to pick your favorite photos and display them for decades to come all at one affordable price.

Collages are popularly created by cutting images out and pasting them to a piece of paper. This is often messy and creates a confusing image. Our collages are laid out to create a stunning image that tells the story of your favorite memories. This fun and creative medium offers a unique way to decorate your home.

Our Most Popular Canvas Print Collages

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