Cooking pot with inscription: MARGRIETIEN BARTOLDS IN DEO SPES MEA ANO 1635, anonymous, 1635 Canvas Print

The pot, which is entirely cast, has a casting seam in the middle between the ears. The hull is round and almost flat at the bottom. There, a thickening marks the round pouring hole. The torso is decorated with three decorative rings and the inscription in Latin majuskels: MARGRIETIEN BARTOLDS IN DEO SPES MEA ANO 1653. The torso and neck form an obtuse angle. The outwardly thickened upper half of the neck takes the place of the lip margin. The grape stands on three legs, which are triangular in cross-section, and the start of which is each decorated with three crosses. The two sharp-angled ears that are in line with each other are placed on the trunk and against the neck. One leg has been renewed.

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