Distilling Apparatus, anonymous, 1866 - 1870 Canvas Print

Distilling Apparatus, anonymous, 1866 - 1870 Canvas Print

Distiller or condenser for obtaining fresh water from salt water, with handwritten explanation on paper (NG-MC-1108-2). The system has two separate water flows: cold seawater from outside the ship enters the external cylindrical vessel below and, heated, leaves the device from above and is again guided outside the ship; steam is introduced through the top into the appliance and divided into a number of pipes, in which it is cooled by the seawater in the external vessel and, once condensed, it is drained below as fresh water. In the wall of the external vessel there are two more taps, connected to a pipe. The seals of the external vessel and of the distilling pipes are fitted with bolts and nuts.

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