Lady with lapdog, Pieter Xaveri, 1673 Canvas Print

Lady with lapdog, Pieter Xaveri, 1673 Canvas Print

She stands on a rectangular ground with the right leg forward and with her head turned to the right. On the right arm, over which the skirt is included, she carries a dog, which she holds with both hands. Her hairstyle consists of hair separated on the forehead, which runs tightly from the center of the head tightly to the side and back, falling into pipe curls on shoulder and back. On the head a v-shaped hair clip (?) with a jewel in front. About a robe, which depends on the ground and right shoe tip, a gown consisting of a wide skirt, which is pinned from behind, and a pointedly tapered keurs with short puff sleeves and folded collar of ermine, on which a brooch. Over the back and arms hangs a scarf slipped from the shoulders, the ends of which blow out backwards.

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