Map of Great Britain, John Pine, 1739 Canvas Print

Map of Great Britain, John Pine, 1739 Canvas Print

Map of Great Britain with ireland on the left and the coasts of Norway, the Netherlands and France on the right. On the right a title shield where a lion with banner and a putto with trident. The map shows several coats of arms, including those of The English Queen Elizabeth I and the coats of arms of Holland and Zeeland. At sea is the route taken by the Spanish Fleet in 1588. The whole is encased in a cartouche with a Corona Navalis (ship's crown) at the top and neptune's head at the bottom. On the left is Brittannia. Her thunder and lightning strikes Spain (Castile and León), Envy and Superstition. On the right, the True Faith. She has a torch and a great Bible as attributes and sends lightning to Ignorance, Hypocrisy and the Papacy. Furthermore, the front and back of two coins or medallions are shown. At the top of the Spanish Fleet in a storm with on the other side a church on a rock in a raging sea, a statue for the Protestant Faith that is under attack. At the bottom a coin with the demise of the Spanish Fleet. On the other side, pope, cardinals, bishops, emperor and other princes are in deliberation. They are blindfolded and have their feet on a floor with pins or nails. The performance is part of a book about the Spanish Armada and the carpets that were made on behalf of Charles Howard.

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