Memorial to Joannes de Fremery, Walraad Nieuwhoff, 1819 - 1821 Canvas Print

A memorial to Joannes de Fremery, professor and minister in Middelburg, who died in 1819. The portrait of De Fremery is placed on the column and the base shows a plaque with an eight-line text in Dutch. The monument is flanked by faith with a book on her lap and in her hand a writing feather and by the grieving Religion. A putto shows the image of a church interior. On the ground lie the extinguished and broken torch and an hourglass in sign of death. To the left of the background are two figures between corn sheaves, one of which points up towards the sunlight. The bound shifts indicate the Last Judgment, in which God will reap the seed or His Word that has fallen into good soil, in the parable of the sower.

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