National party skirt, C.E. de Visser, 1945 - 1960 Canvas Print

National party skirt, C.E. de Visser, 1945 - 1960 Canvas Print

A National Party Skirt made as part of the liberation of the Netherlands to wear on national holidays and in memory of various events during the Second World War. The skirt comes with an orange sash and a black belt. Various events are depicted on the skirt itself, embroidered, such as: 1948 - 50 years wilhelmina (with portrait), 1940 - 1945 with airplanes and birds, a prison with barbed wire and a church with a graveyard, map of the Netherlands and map of South Africa with in between the ship De Gelderland with which Paul Kruger sailed to the Netherlands and the years 1901 and 1901. Portraits of the four princesses, Beatrix, Irene, Margriet and Marijke with their year of birth. On the hem of the skirt the years: 1901, 1909, 1937, 1898, 1948. Embroidered the stamp of the National Party Skirt with the year 1948 and NI (National Institute) and the sentence: Saamgevoegd on a surface. The skirt comes with a card with the address of the maker and a number: Your party skirt is registered under number 2360 in the skirt register of the National Institute (now IIAV).

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