Pair of candelabra, Johannes Schiotling, 1772 Canvas Print

Pair of candelabra, Johannes Schiotling, 1772 Canvas Print

The candlesticks consist of a candlestick, round in diameter, and an attachment with three arms. On the straight-walled base rests the foot. An ojief profile decorated with acanthus leaves and above it a sphere profile decorated with fasces surrounds a flat plate, on which eight voluts decorated with acanthus leaves are placed in a beam. They wear a hollow curvaceous rosette made of acanthus leaves, which is crowned by a smooth band. Above that rises the columnar trunk, with a bulbous vaulted base, a fluted shaft and a Corinthian capital, which serves as a candle holder. This fits the attachment, which consists of three S-shaped, fluted arms, which spring from a core made up of several leaf wreaths with a crown in the shape of the heart of the acanthus plant. Also, leaf evolutions swing out of this core, which bend along the bottom and top of the first part of the arms. The arms each end in wreaths of acanthus leaves placed on top of each other, above which the candle holder made up of the same leaves rises. Some of the various leaf wreaths have been renewed. On the underside of the bottom of A are a B and a G engraved, on the underside of the bottom of B a C.

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