Room 263 with a view of the next rooms in 1893., 1893 Canvas Print

Room 263 with a view of the next rooms in 1893., 1893 Canvas Print

With room 263 the department of modern paintings of the museum begins. View of the passage from room 263 to 262 and subsequent rooms. In the passages are the copyists with their easel. Above the passage you can read the number of the room. The west wing of the museum has four painting rooms with skylight (260-263) that are completely similar to the rooms in the east wing (225-228) Only the painted decoration of the friezes and vaults is different in each room. De Stuers afb. 51 gives a picture of the painting in two adjacent rooms in the west wing. 'The original decoration of rooms 261 and 262 was changed in 1895. 'with the hitherto followed system of painting the walls of the paintings in a solid colour, broken and another way was followed that is more satisfactory, namely by decoreing the walls in a colour on which a regular flower decoration has been applied by shavings in the same calyx but darker so that approximately the effect of flowered frosting is obtained. Although the decoration that has now been applied has not yet been considered successful as a whole, we are on the right track with this method.' (Annual report 1896)

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