Sculpture group with the Amsterdam City Maiden, river gods and inaugural text in the Vierschaar of the Town Hall on Dam Square, Hubert Quellinus, 1719 - 1783 Canvas Print

Sculpture group on the northern wall of the Vierschaar in the City Hall on Dam Square in Amsterdam. In the middle the Amsterdam City Maiden on a pedestal. On her head the emperor's crown and an eagle, in her hands the coat of arms of the city and a caduceus, at her feet two lions. To her left the arms of Burnt Pancras (above) and Sybrant Valckenier (bottom); on the right the weapons of Jacob de Graeff (above) and Pieter Schaep (bottom). These four Amsterdam regents, all sons or cousins of the incumbent mayors from the year 1648, laid the first stone of the town hall in the same year. On the pedestal the inaugural text, which refers to the Peace of Munster and the first stone laying. To the left of the pedestal the river god (personification) of the IJ, including a ship's crown, fishing net, anchor and rudder. On the right the river god (personification) of the Amstel, including a oar, grappling hook, aquatic plants and a beaver - which as a dam-building animal refers to the dam over the Amstel river to which the city owes its name. The Vierschaar was a public court that was used by schout and schepenen only for the issuing of death sentences. Numbered at the bottom right: XXIV.

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