St Jerome and St Catherine of Alexandria, anonymous, anonymous, c. 1480 - c. 1490 Canvas Print

The hl. Hieronymus and the hl. Catherine sits on a sod sofa that is shielded from the landscape behind by a rose hedge. Hieronymus is accompanied by his symbol animal, the lion, from whose paw he has drawn a thorn. At Catherine's feet lies a smoldering, broken wooden wheel, and next to her leans a long sword, both symbols of her martyrdom. The king's daughter Catharina was a role model for rich, courtly women, and as such she is also depicted here. She has a high shaved forehead to the fashion of the time, and is pictured in an already fashionable fur-lined silk rug. The entire scene is framed by a gilded arcade with mesh. In the background is a wide landscape depicted with some late Gothic buildings, a pond with two swans and in the distance the contours of a city with high mountains behind it.

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