Tea box with two tea canisters and a mixing canister, Pieter Adolf Bruné, 1785 Canvas Print

Tea box with two tea canisters and a mixing canister, Pieter Adolf Bruné, 1785 Canvas Print

The rectangular wooden box is divided into three compartments on the inside by means of two wooden slides. Both the interior and the drawers are covered with blue velvet. It is housed in a silver holder that has a hinged lid, containing the loose wooden lid of the chest. The holder rests on four concave, fluted feet, closed at the top and bottom by profiled edges. It has a bottom of smooth silver but is openworked on all other sides. The four sides of the coffin holder each show a field of angular guilloches against a background of latticework with rosettes, surrounded by a border of similar, smaller-scale lattice work. At the front, the decoration is interrupted by the keyhole, which is closed by a movable cast plate in the form of a trophy of music books and instruments suspended from a ribbon, a torch and leaf wreaths and garlands. The new blue velor upholstery is fitted in such a way that the lock is covered on all sides. The four sides of the lid holder are openwork with angular guilloches. The same edge runs around the top of the lid, interrupted at the corners by cast square plates with rosettes. Inside is a raised field, decorated like the sides of the coffin holder. Many details are engraved on all sides. The angular, profiled handle on the lid hinges in two round holders resting on square plates, all provided with profiled edges. Along the bottom edge of the feet and all edges of the holder except the bottom edge of the lid, around the raised field, along the edges of the handle and around the plates on which the holders of the handle rest, there are beaded frames (small parts are missing). . The interior fits three rectangular cans, the lids of which have raised middle sections with sloping walls: two tea cans (B and C) and a mixing can (D). The tea cans have a loose sliding lid, the mixing can has a lid that hinges on the short side. The latter has a profiled outer edge, above which a pearl frame. This decoration returns on the two tea caddy, where the rim with the frame is attached to the can on three sides and only on one short side of the lid, where it functions as a handle. All three lids are engraved on the raised area with a trophy within a fluted rim with squares with rosettes on the corners: on B an agricultural trophy with a basket of flowers, a basket of vegetables, a rake, a shovel, a pickaxe , two scythes, a bag and flowers, on C a trophy of the hunt with a dead bird and a dead hare , a rifle, hunting horns, a basket, a meadow bag and a canteen, and on D a trophy of fishing with dead fish , a basket, skewers and a trap.

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