The statue of 'De gebroeders Johan en Cornelis de Witt' set up in the Regentenzaal in 1922., 1922 Canvas Print

The statue of 'De gebroeders Johan en Cornelis de Witt' set up in the Regentenzaal in 1922., 1922 Canvas Print

The marble sculpture by F. Leenhoff 'De gebroeders Johan en Cornelis de Witt' is arranged between room 214 (the Regents and Schutterszaal) and room 222. Between room 222 and 225 is the statue 'The nimff Echo' also by F. Leenhoff. Van der Pollzaal seen to the Portrait Hall. Between room 222 and the stairwell (tower 1) a low stool arch with stained glass(-in-stained?). Exactly the same as between room 265 and the stairwell, tower 4) Room 225: The west wing of the museum has four painting rooms with skylight (260-263) that are completely similar to the rooms in the east wing (225-228) Only the painted decoration of the friezes and vaults is different in each room. De Stuers afb. 51 gives a picture of the painting in two adjacent rooms in the west wing. The following text is included in the frieze of this room: 'By disposition of will of 25 December 1879, Jonkheer Jacobus Salomon Hendrik van der Poll, alderman of the municipality of Velzen, born in Amsterdam 28 July 1837, died there 23 February 1880, bequeathed his collection of paintings to 'Rijks Museum in Amsterdam.' 'In addition, one can see the blazons of Amsterdam by Hendrik Muilman, from whose collection half of the collection of the Poll came from. On the opposite wall is the coat of arms of the donor.' (The Stuers) Plate no 56 in the book of the Stuers shows two fragments of this decoration, afbeleelding 13 shows fragements of the mosaic floor: D room 228, E room 227, F room 225, G room 226. The figures are formed from black yellow and white lines, while the background is yellow and red, or red and green. Room 214 is spanned by a curved skylight. The cove moldings rest on a list of consoles. The decorative painting includes shields with the emblemata of the temperaments: snail, crow, butterfly and turkey rooster, where between fesses and hanging plants. Further emblems of sovereignty and nobility: blazons with different choirs and heraldic figures. Blazoning with emblems of the tailors' guild, alluding to the importance of costume science for costume science. The inscription on the end wall mentions an important donation: 'By disposition of will of 19 May 1877, Jonkvrouwe Jeanne Catherine Bicker, Douairiere van Honkheer Josue Jacob van Winter, born in Amsterdam 12 November 1779 in Amsterdam, died there 21 April 1878, bequeathed her collection of paintings to the city of Amsterdam for placement in 's Rijks Museum in Amsterdam.' Shape and size of the room are the same as the Van der Hoop room (269) Granito floor with decoration patterns.

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