Two boxes, Johannis Logerath, 1788 Canvas Print

Two boxes, Johannis Logerath, 1788 Canvas Print

The set of drums consists of a round (A-1) and a rectangular (B-1) one, both with a hinged lid. The straight wall is decorated with a pearl frame on the top and bottom. The lid has a vaulted, rejuvenating wall above which is a pearl frame, which surrounds the slightly raised top. The body is engraved on the front and back with a laurierslinger suspended on three rings, with ribbons wrapped with an empty oval medallion on the middle ring, and on both sides with an empty medallion suspended on a bowed ribbon, of which laurel garlands hang on either side. The top of the lid is decorated along the edge with a band executed in gloss stitch with two tossed ribbons with rosettes, between corrugated edges decorated with dots. Engraved on the underside of the bottom: By the Lord Jelle Wildschut,/and Miss Bauwdina Stinstra,/Echtelieden. Ter Erkentenisse received from/Isabella de Clercq, gebooren Stinstra,/en Gooitjen S: Stinstra,/toen deeze den 11 Meij 1788, 25 Jaar had become.

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