Two ladies in the western courtyard in 1928, 1928 Canvas Print

Two ladies in the western courtyard in 1928, 1928 Canvas Print

Two ladies pose between the pleiser casts of the Western courtyard. On the right in the background you can see a choir bench. Given the disorderly state of the objects, a reorganize of the plaster interior is being done. In the foreground a view of a sculpture of which part has been demolished. Renovation western courtyard to the north seen. Natural stone balcony, resting on consoles, in the middle of the south façade at the level of the first floor. Below to the left and right of the cross window, two smaller stained glass windows. see photo 312. The wooden floor in the courtyard caused so many problems that it has been replaced by a raised concrete floor. This created a low basement, 2.25 meters, and a raised exhibition floor. With half-stone walls, three rooms in the courtyard were arranged. The original facades of the courtyard were hidden from view by a low ring wall. In the intervening space there was a 'proliferation of canals and pipes'. In this photo, the installation has not yet been built and the ring wall that was placed in front of the south, west and north wall, is not yet present.

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