Vuursteenjachtgeweer, Jan Rosmole, 1685 - 1690 Canvas Print

Vuursteenjachtgeweer, Jan Rosmole, 1685 - 1690 Canvas Print

The lock is engraved with edges and praise; the lock plate is signed. Polished barrel, provided with a silver visor grain in the form of a crawling dog; embossed chiseled with foliage vines, engraved on the back with asymmetrical foliage vines and on the tail of the barrel with an acanthus leaf; stamped at the bottom with an unclear mark and on the left side with the brand in the shape of a dagger of the city of Essen. The walnut cob is embossed with edges and foliage vines that end in dragon heads; the cheek plate is cut with a dragon with leaves; at the bottom branded with a mark in the form of two curved fish above a stamped 5. The fittings of polished iron consist, among other things, of a tractor bracket forked on both sides engraved with tendrils and a head with a feather headdress, the trace of which is off the butt and both sides of which end in a chiseled leaf; an ajour machined screw plate consisting of tendrils sprouting into a snake and a half-human-half blade figure around a rider on horseback with a gun; and the thumb plate, embossed with a female bust and profile surrounded by ajour-worked tendrils; the loading stick is equipped with a double iron hood.

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