Waterloozaal as seen from an easterly direction in 1893, 1893 Canvas Print

Waterloozaal as seen from an easterly direction in 1893, 1893 Canvas Print

A photo from 1893 of the Waterloozaal. On the right in the foreground the Amsterdam drawing teacher M. Warburg, who copyed the painting "Proofread" by P.L.J.F. Sadeé. Room 255 (M 257, M158, M259) Waterloo room (Modern Painting) seen to the west. Passage to room 260. The hall has a curved flad, plastered and equipped with girdle arches. The foot of the cove consists of a profile list and consoles made of artificial sandstone, which are, among other things, executed as leaf masks. The Waterloozaal is named after the painting by J.W. Pieneman, where on the left side of the photo a small one part of it is on display. With the addition of the decorative paintwork, the room is identical to the Internationale hall (235). Fig.. 13 A van de Stuers gives a picture of the mosaic floor in this room. 'The ornament is black and white, the background alternating between red and yellow. (The grid below the letter A is an iron grid 'of a mouth of the heating pipes'.) (De Stuers p. 39) In this photo, the sofas are still covered with the original upholstery. In 1895 it was replaced with leather upholstery. In 1899, the hall was divided into 10 by means of wooden partitions. Cabinets. In 1924, the bulkheads were removed and replaced by two brick walls, so that the room was divided into threes. The original paintings were retrenched in 1923.

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