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18 x 18 picture print

Let’s get the good vibes going - it’s Friday! That’s why we’re highlighting a canvas that is ready for anything - an 18 x 18 picture, one of our most popular and versatile sizes. Perfect for simply any area of your home, or as a gift for your special someone! 

Coming in at 1.5 feet wide and tall, this square print can be a smaller accent piece to your home decor design, or the star of the show in a small room like a bathroom or office. When you create a square canvas print, you create a piece of art, thanks to our custom cotton blended canvas, that combines a subtle classic texture, and superb image quality. 

Our talented production team at CanvasPrints.com is composed of skilled craftsmen, using strictly the best quality, american sourced materials, and utilizing cutting edge printing technology. That’s why each canvas that goes out our doors is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. Since 2019, we’ve been shipping the best quality prints online, for ever better prices. We believe that decorating your home with your favorite memories should be easy, elegant and affordable. Upload your photo to create yours today, and have a ready to hang piece of custom art at your doorstep in no time!

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