Pet Portraits

Celebrate your best friend with a beautiful pet portrait. 

Create a one-of-a-kind pet portrait and get up to 90% off today.

Turn A Photo Of Your Best Friend Into A Pet Portrait In Minutes

Custom Pet Portraits At Prices That Fit Every Budget

No need to hire a professional pet portrait photographer. Our gallery-quality printing technique can turn iPhone photos into pet portraits in a matter of minutes. Our custom cotton blended canvas and water-resistant inks bring any pet picture to life with colors that pop. Stretched onto a handmade frame, our pet portrait canvas prints are crafted knowing how much you love your furry friends. 

Pet Portraits

Our favorite pet portraits show the true personality of your pet. We’ve seen everything from superhero and presidential pets, to beautiful portraits honoring the memory of your pet. Although pets are only in our life for a short period of time, they bring so much joy to every moment. Pet portraits on canvas prints will carry on this joy for a lifetime. 

Since our canvas prints are full of deep colors, they are perfect for dogs, cats, horses, and more. The affordability of our canvas prints means you can order an inexpensive pet portrait and have more money for pet toys. Simply upload your photo and we will turn it into a gallery-quality pet portrait in no time. 

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Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits

100% Money-Back Guarantee | Pet Portraits Crafted With Care

Our team is made up of all types of pet lovers. We understand how much your pets mean to you and how much you cherish the memories of your pet. We craft each pet portrait with the same love you have for your pet. If you are not happy with your print, let us know and we will make it right. We can’t wait to print your “purrfect” pet portrait. 

Customize Your Own Pet Portrait

Personalize Each Pet Portrait With Your Own Touch

Pet portraits on canvas are the best way to show your pet’s true personality. Edit the photo to add color or a favorite quote. This is a great way to create a unique pet portrait. No matter what type of animal you have, there are many great options to create a personalized pet portrait. Add your pet’s paw print to create an extra special pet portrait. 

Pet Portraits

Customizing your pet portrait allows you to create wall art that stands out. Not only can you personalize it to the personality of your pet, but you can also add your own flair to it. Create a pet portrait in the style of your favorite movie. Maybe you want to create a western-themed pet portrait. These are both great ways to create a fun pet portrait. 

You can even create a collage of some of your favorite pet photos. Creating a collage is a great way to create a pet portrait if you have too many photos to choose from. Get started by selecting the photos you want to use. Then customize the portrait by adding text or writing. All that is left is to order your pet portrait.

How To Capture The Perfect Photo For Your Pet Portraits

Grab A Treat, Now Sit Please….Hold it! Action!

The best pet portraits are made from close up photos or pictures of your pet. Be sure to center your pet’s face in the middle of the canvas on our online designer. We offer a wide range of sizes that are bound to fit small and large pets. For clear quality canvas prints, set your camera settings at a high pixel ratio. Changing your camera settings will make sure your pet portrait is printed with super high-definition. 

Check out our FAQ below for pet portrait tips so you can make sure you capture the perfect picture of Fido!

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits Photo Guide

Eye Level and Centered:
Getting a great photo of your pet can be tricky. Get down to eye level with your pet to get the best angle. Another challenge can be getting your pet to hold still for the picture. A great solution is to hold a treat or your pet’s favorite toy above the camera. This will direct their attention to the camera. Also, use your camera’s burst setting to take multiple photos at once in case they are moving quickly. This will give you many photos to choose from.

Use Natural Lighting:
As with most photos, it is important to have natural lighting. If shooting the pet portrait inside, white lighting is more optimal than yellow lights. If shooting outside, aim for the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky. When outside, also position the photo to take place with the sun behind the camera. This will help to minimize glare. On all modern cameras, including smartphone cameras, you can lock the focus onto your pet. This will make sure that their face comes through clearly. 

What to Avoid:
Blurry or dim photos. If the photo appears to be blurry or dim upon uploading, you will want to take a new photo. To avoid a blurry and dim photo there are a couple of tips to follow. First, make sure your camera lens is not smudged. If it is, use a fine cloth to gently wipe the smudges away. Set your camera to a high pixel setting. Pixels are the thousands of tiny dots that make up an image. The more pixels your photo has, the higher quality it will be when printed.

Two or more pets in the photo. Our love for pets means we think each pet deserves its own portrait. Since the prints turn out best when you take the photo close up, more than a single pet in each print will create a crowded canvas print. 

Taking the shot from overhead. Your pet’s cute face deserves to be the star of the show. The best pet portraits are taken head-on.

Make sure the whole face is visible. Be sure not to crop your pet’s ears out of the photo.

What If My Pet Isn’t A Dog Or A Cat?

Our pet portraits are perfect for pets of all sizes. We offer over 1,000 custom sizes ranging from hamster-sized to horse-sized canvas prints. Our goal is to create a perfect pet portrait that leaves every pet owner grinning from ear to ear.

We’ve seen pet portraits of dogs, cats, snakes, horses, birds, turtles, bunnies, mice, and more. No matter what type of pet you have, our gallery-quality canvas prints will make the pet portrait pop right off the canvas. Each of these pets has unique qualities that have brought us joy and comfort through the years.

A pet portrait is a perfect way to honor any pet. Pet portraits create a great talking piece for any room. Getting to share the inspiration and story behind the photo brings joy to the conversation. Also, pet portraits bring back years of shared memories with your pet.

What Size Should My Pet Portrait Be?

Pet portraits are perfect for any size of the canvas. Ranging from an 8” x 8” shelf-sized canvas print to massive 40” x 40” canvas prints, meaning that any size photograph will work. Our online canvas customization tool will recommend the best size of a canvas print for your photo upon upload. Although we recommend this size, you can choose from over 1,000 custom sizes.

With our wide range of sizes, you will find the canvas print that perfectly fits your space. There is not a specific size that is best for pet portrait canvas prints. This depends on the resolution of the image and the size of the space where the canvas print will be hung. For larger pet portraits, an image with high resolution is preferred. For smaller prints, high and lower-resolution photos will work. If you need help picking the perfect size, reach out to our customer service team.

What Is The Turn Around On A Pet Portrait?

Pet portraits are shipped 2-7 business days after the order is received. Our canvas prints can be shipped in as quickly as one day if next day shipping is selected at checkout. If you need to get your canvas prints quick, make sure that you select our Next Day Shipping option before you checkout. If you order before 3 PM EST, your canvas is guaranteed to be mailed the very next business day. With next day shipping, our team prints the canvas print the next day to send out via USPS or UPS. We offer the following shipping options:
UPS Ground: 2 Day Shipping
USPS Parcel Select Ground: 2-8 Day Shipping
USPS Priority Mail: 2 Day Shipping

These shipping times reflect the time it takes the outside shipping company to deliver the item once it has left our facility.

Where Are Your Pet Portraits Made?

Our pet portraits are 100% American made. Our team works 24/7 to hand assemble gallery-quality canvas prints. Our custom cotton canvas blend is sourced from Austin, Texas. While our solvent inks are made in Kentucky, and our handmade frames are made with wood sourced from the southern United States.

Using a combination of handcrafted love and state-of-the-art technology, our technicians oversee every part of the printing process from the minute your order arrives. By employing American workers and using only American-made materials, we are able to produce high-quality and affordable canvas prints.

Each pet portrait is created with every ounce of love that we have for our pets. 

We take your pet memories seriously and work tirelessly to create wonderful pet portraits

With an all American made product and a team that loves pets just as much as you, a pet portrait canvas print is perfect for any pet lover. Cherish your time with your pet and show they are part of the family by creating a gallery-quality canvas print. Our premium custom cotton blended canvas, water-resistant inks, and hand-made pinewood frames are guaranteed to make your pet look like a star!