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Custom Cotton Blended Canvas

What Is Custom Cotton Blended Canvas?

When it comes down to it, you wouldn’t have a canvas print without the canvas. All of canvases are made right here in the USA.

Types of Canvas Used in Canvas Printing

The material and quality of the canvas play a big part in creating the perfect canvas print. There are two major categories of canvas material used in canvas printing. In this article, we will break down each kind. 

UV Canvas

UV Canvas helps bring images to life with clarity and sharp detail. This style of canvas is known for its color density.

Popular UV Canvas:

  • Breathing Color 
  • Roland Canvas

Advantages of UV Canvas:

  • High resolution.
  • Highest in-class color density.
  • Highest in-class Dmax.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Easy to stretch.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Scratch-resistant.

Disadvantages of UV Canvas:

  • Only compatible with certain printers.
  • Requires specific ink.

Aqueous Canvas

Aqueous canvas is a canvas that must be used with water-based inks. These canvases can be great for art and photography but have their limitations when it comes to other applications.

Popular Aqueous Canvas:

  • Breathing Color
  • PremierArt

Advantages of Aqueous Canvas:

  • Ideal for large commercial projects.
  • Bright white color.
  • Competitive cost.

Disadvantages of Aqueous Canvas:

  • Coarser texture.
  • All polyester.
  • Not guaranteed to be water-resistant.

When choosing a canvas material to print on, many factors come into play. It is important to weigh these factors with your production means in order to create a top-level canvas print. Overall, UV canvas provides a medium for deep colors and impeccable resolution, while aqueous canvas offers a lower cost, optimized for large commercial use.

When you choose to print with, we already have you covered, with our custom cotton blended canvas!