Canvas Prints and Photography, a perfect match?

Every photographer wants to present the fruits of their labor in the best possible way, and often, this means exploring a broad spectrum of options. While traditional printed photographs serve a purpose, there are often advantages to considering alternative ways to print pictures. Canvas prints offer a host of benefits.

Read more → - Acquired by EpicPrint - Acquired by EpicPrint in conjunction with Branding Company will be offering the latest in print technology using state of the art Konica Minolta KM-1 InkJet UV to create photo-quality canvas prints up to 20,000 canvases per day. This enables to greatly increase the speed from someone ordering a canvas photo print, to getting the canvas into the stretching department within minutes, not hours or days. Enterprise Decor Clients demanding fast turn-around times and large quantities are better served through the multi-million dollar investment with not only print technology no other canvas printers are using,...

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