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These Canvas Prints allow you to create breathtaking, beautiful personalized wall art for your home, and fantastic gifts for your loved ones.

Each custom canvas print is handcrafted with love to help bring your memories to life. We also offer the following benefits:

  •   100% Made In America

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There are a ton of photo print sites. Here’s why we’re different:

Our mission, from day 1, was to be the lowest priced canvas print destination. In fact, we started Canvas Prints because we studied print prices and were like, “This can’t be right. We know the photo printing business. Let’s fix this.”

What we’ve learned over the last 2 years is that in addition to offering the best prices something else is needed. We also have to deliver the highest quality.

Companies throw around terms like “we want to offer the lowest price and deliver the highest quality”. This is actually hard nearly impossible to pull off.

For example, getting the perfect color profile on the canvas is incredibly complicated. If it’s not done just right the photo can come out looking muted.

And that’s just one example.

Had it not been for the commitment of the whole team we couldn’t be here today.

It’s easy to play pricing games. It’s really hard to do the job right.

We purchased prints from competing sites.

From big brands but also the tiny ones that seem to crop up every day. We took detailed notes on what they were doing— the good, the bad, the ugly.

If we noticed an area for improvement, we implemented it. We were hungry to be the best.

We then invested in technology. For photo ink we decided to use Eco-Solvent Inks. For color reproduction we chose PrintFactory custom color calibration system. This costs 20% more but produces a life-like balance that is hard to describe in writing. With two 4 color printheads, we are able to reach 98% of the visible color gamut, meaning incredible color reproduction.

You must be wondering

You may wonder why we are the cheapest when we’re spending 20% more on things like the PrintFactory system mentioned above? In the short term, it clearly is costing us more, but we’re treating it like an investment, and instead of making you pay for it, we’re eating the extra costs.

If we truly are the best, you will prominently display us at home, your friends will see the print, and buy from us. As the volume of orders increases we’ll recover the investment.

But technology isn’t all. There is incredible detail that goes into the custom cotton blended canvas we use as our base. The canvas threads aren’t just a minor detail, they are what produce color density— bringing images to life with clarity and sharp detail.

Many canvas sites use 100% polyester. We totally respect their point of view because polyester is cheaper.

We use a 65% cotton 35% polyester blend Satin canvas. Muse Satin offers a high quality fine art appeal that allows for excellent image clarity. It’s also scuff and water resistant with no coating.

It has a weight of 400 gsm (grams per square meter), a Caliper of 21 mils, opacity of 98% and a gloss factor of 5 GUs.

And that’s when we realized that these small details, details that most will never notice, details that most other brands simply aren’t interested in investing in, are what truly make all the difference.

Philosophical choice

You didn’t come to a photo printing site looking for philosophical discussion but we can’t separate Canvas Prints, the company from Canvas Prints, the people. Ultimately, every dollar shoppers invest is a vote; and how they vote matters.

As a company we feel obligated to state who we are. But we aren’t writers, we don’t have the marketing budget of the big guys, we’re just interested in carefully lifting digital memories and gently placing them on a canvas frame.

Your thoughts? /

School teachers

Coronavirus has been devastating. It’s affected countless communities and hard working people, especially teachers and educators. Public school teachers and administrators have worked tirelessly and endlessly to support kids and communities nationwide during these unprecedented times and challenging circumstances.

We decided to help Bay Creek Middle School in Grayson, Georgia, show their dedicated teachers some much deserved support this year.