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How to Take Candid Photos

Create candid photos on canvas prints

Create candid photos on canvas prints

The best photos are those that come from candid moments. Seeing those that you care about light up with joy and smile so big that their dimples show is such a wonderful feeling. These genuine moments are often memories that you wish to remember for years to come. 

The true character of a person shines through in these times where they are truly being themself and not posing for the camera. However, taking these candid photos can be more challenging than expected. Here are our top tips to get the best candid photos to print on canvas.

Always Have Your Camera

Candid photos are supposed to be spontaneous. Because of their spontaneity, it is important to always have a camera with you. Luckily, this is easier than ever if you have a smartphone.

Smartphones are able to take high-quality photos without adding the extra baggage of carrying a camera around. The moments that turn out as the best candid canvas prints are when you are least expecting it.

You never know when you will stumble upon the perfect sunset or a night with your best friends that you want to cherish forever.

Sneak It!

Remember, candid photos are supposed to be in the moment and not posed. The second someone realizes their picture is being taken they start fixing their hair and posing.

Smartphones are a great option for candid photos as you can act like you are checking Facebook while you sneakily snap their photo. Of course, make sure your friend approves of the photo before you go posting it for the world to see.

Live Photos

Using the live photo or burst photo setting on your camera is a perfect way to capture wonderful candid moments. Using one of these features allows you to get multiple photos in seconds.

This will give you plenty of options when you are trying to pick your favorite photo to print on canvas. Maybe you will have multiple photos and create an entire gallery wall art display to reminisce of that perfect day at the beach.

Time to Print

After you have snapped the perfect candid photo, it is time to print it. Photos do a great job of reminding you of your favorite moments. By printing these photos to canvas you will be forever able to remember the moment your mom found out she will be a grandmother or the moment your best friend said yes to the love of her life. 

Candid photo canvas prints make for perfect gifts for family and friends, forever reminding them of the special bond you share. Print these beautiful photos onto gallery-quality canvas prints and cherish them for a lifetime.

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