If you’re looking for the best way to spice up your living room this spring, look no further than our canvas wall displays. Decorating with canvas prints has become such a popular style of home decor because canvas is undeniably more efficient and cost effective than traditional photo printing. Canvas wall displays can also give a photo more character and a classic “home-y” feel.

Panoramic Prints

Our Production Process

The perfect canvas print starts with selecting the right type of canvas. Our custom, proprietary cotton blended canvas provides for outstanding image quality, color saturation, and durability. Many of our competitors choose to use mainly polyester canvases, a cheaper material that helps in stretching the canvas. However, polyester only allows inks to sit on the top layer of canvas, not be absorbed into it. This is where our cotton blended canvas comes in handy. Cotton can absorb the ink into its fibers, which results in a much longer lasting, non-faded print. We still retain a very small percentage of polyester to aid in stretching our canvases. 

Canvas Wall Art

Finally, our pine wood frames are sturdier and even lighter than MDF board, a cheaper material than many of our competitors use. When your canvas is printed, one of our in-house craftsmen will construct a frame, hand-made to order, to fit your exact canvas size.

Next, your canvas will be stretched across the frame by an automated stretching machine. This technology provides the perfect tension for every canvas we create, ensuring that there are no cracks in the ink and that the canvas is perfectly level and taught.

Now, all that’s left to do is get your new piece of canvas wall art to your door. Our shipping department will shrink wrap your canvas, fit it with corner protectors, and place it in a box custom shaped to your canvas size. 

Create Your Canvas Wall Display Now

You can upload your favorite photo you took with your smartphone, and still, end up with a beautiful canvas print. Believe it or not, almost any smartphone developed within the last five years or so has the ability to take great photographs, deserving to be printed large! Don’t just put your favorite photos on Facebook or Instagram, only to slowly forget about them!

Once you receive your canvas, all that’s left to do is simply hang it up on your wall! Don’t forget to snap a photo and email it to us at info@canvasprints.com to get a free $10 gift card code to use on your next canvas! Also, order any two canvases in a month, or place an order over $100, and you’ll qualify for our VIP program! Our VIP customers receive exclusive discounts and deals every week

Design Your Own Canvas Wall Art

Our award-winning standard canvas prints alone can make your living room look more like an art gallery, providing a classy, elegant, yet affordable way to display your photos in your home. But we didn’t stop there.

One of our most dynamic and eye-catching products is our canvas wall displays. These are large canvas collections that utilize multiple-sized prints to take your viewers through an assortment of photos. Our wall displays collections range from 3, all the way to 9 individual canvas prints!

Some of our largest collections span up to 60” x 74”! We designed each and every wall display to be able to help you tell your unique story and remember it forever.

We find some of the most popular use cases for wall displays to be wedding day photos, sporting event recaps, and also collections of family photos. Whatever your story is, a wall display will help you show it off to the world. 

Custom Canvas Collages

But what if you want to display multiple photos, but want to fit them into a smaller space? Don’t worry, we have custom canvas collages, our most versatile product.

Available in sizes from 12” x 12” to 30” x 30”, they’re able to fit nicely into a smaller area of your home like your kitchen, bathroom, or office, or still hold their own nicely on a larger wall.

Just pick a collage style and upload your photos into each frame within the collage. Our intelligent online canvas designer will show you an instant preview of your collage right on your computer screen.

Custom Canvas Triptychs

Finally, our canvas triptychs are the best way to showcase one large image. This style of large canvas wall art displays one huge photograph across 3 large individual canvases!

Originally used as a way to transport large religious artworks in Europe, this style of photo printing has made a solid foothold in the modern art space.

We love triptychs because they put a new twist on large canvas artwork and are an attention-grabbing way of showing off a single photo that you love! Just like our custom collages, they’re also super easy to create! Just pick a photo, and triptych style, and our website will show you an instant preview!

The classic canvas triptych will display your photo evenly across three identically sized canvases, while the flow triptych will enlarge the middle canvas, framed by two equally sized canvases. 

Canvas Wall Displays

A canvas wall display is the most dynamic and unique way to show off your favorite photographs across multiple canvases of different sizes and orientations. We offer 14 different canvas wall display configurations. We find that they make great centerpieces for living rooms, and are great conversation starters.

Ranging from a collection of 3 individual canvases, all the way to 9, we’re sure that we have a wall display style to fit any area of your home, office, or business. We even have a stairway wall display! Some of our customers even order multiple 8” x 8” canvas prints and design their own wall display!

We think that the best use of our wall displays is to showcase a collection of related photographs all in one place, in a very unique and extraordinary way. For example, our Wildcat Wall Display would be a great way to show off your favorite wedding photo, and a collection of smaller moments from your big day around the perimeter.

panoramic prints

I have ordered two canvas prints from this website and they are fantastic! One is the largest size they offer and another was a custom, panoramic print. The clarity and color brilliance of the canvases islike no other website. I will continue to order from here in the future! 

 - Jaimi T. 

Large Wall Art

You know what they say, “The bigger, the better”. And when you’re talking canvas prints, it’s exactly right. We love printing and shipping out big canvas prints for our customers to proudly display in their homes. At CanvasPrints.com, you can print any photo you’d like all the way up to 40 inches tall or wide! We also offer 1,000 different canvas sizes that you’re free to choose from!

When printing large canvases, there are a few extra things to consider, first, make sure you consider all of our customization options before you check out. You might want to upgrade your canvases depth from the standard .75 inch to the deluxe 1.5 inch depth. This will make your canvas a bit more elevated from the wall and stand out even more, something that is recommended for larger canvases.

Secondly, if you’re looking for the classic canvas look where your image wraps around the frame, you’re already good to go! However, we can also wrap your image in black, gray, white, or even mirror the image.

Also, if you’re a professional artist or photographer, we have two options that you should consider. First, you can request a digital proof of your canvas so you can see exactly what your image will look like as the final product before it’s even created.

Also, if you’re planning on sending these canvases directly to a client or customer, select blind shipping! This will remove any branding from CanvasPrints.com from the packaging and the print itself, so your customers can focus solely on your outstanding work.

Finally, we have a premium hanging kit available for our customers that truly want to after the gallery-style look. Our premium hanging kit provides a professional inlaid wire within the frame. However, all of our canvas prints come standard with our sawtooth-mounted hanging kit, which is plenty sturdy itself.

How To Order Canvas Wall Art

Ordering your new canvas wall art is as easy as just a few clicks! First you’ll have to find the photo or collection of photos you want to turn into a custom piece of art. We'll go over creating a single canvas print, but the process is almost exactly the same for any of our other products.

Now, let’s get that photo uploaded! Once we receive your image, we’ll recommend a canvas size specifically tailored to your images size and contents. We do this to ensure that your image will look great when printed.

Generally the more resolution, or pixels within your photo, the larger it can be printed. If your image might not look great at a certain size, our online canvas designer can warn you before you proceed.

Next, you’ll have a few options to choose from to further personalize your new canvas wall art. For example, you can choose to have your canvas wrapped in black, gray, white, or have the frame mirror the image on the surface.

This can help you canvas fit into your already existing home decor or other photo prints. Also, if you want your canvas to stick out amongst the crowd, even more, upgrade from our standard .75” depth to our deluxe 1.5” depth. This will increase the depth of your frame and elevate it even further away from the wall it’s hanging on.

For our professional photographer and working artist customers, we have a few options to cater to your unique needs. Sending these canvases directly to clients?

Select our blind shipping option to remove any mention or branding of CanvasPrints.com, so your customers can focus solely on your beautiful work. Also, we can create a digital proof of your image as a final canvas print, so you can know exactly what your image will look like before you order! 

How To Hang Canvas On A Wall

One of the best parts about our custom canvas wall art is how easy it is to hang on your wall. Unlike traditional framed photos, you can unbox your canvas print and have it hanging in just a few minutes!

When you first receive your canvas, hold it up on the spot you’ve been planning on hanging it. If possible, have a friend take a look while you’re holding it against the wall, and switch positions. This will be a good way to get a feel of exactly where you want your canvas to hang. Test out different heights on the wall, and maybe other spots around your house! Once you’ve decided on a good spot. Make a small mark on the wall with a pencil so you can get your canvas hung perfectly on the first try.

Next, grab a hammer and a nail and gently hammer a nail into the mark you’ve made. Make sure to leave enough space between the wall and the nail for the sawtooth or wire to catch onto. Now, gently lower your canvas onto the nail!

Once it’s secure, make small adjustments to ensure that your canvas is level. And you’re done, all that’s left to do now is show it off to your friends and family. Just make sure to tell them you got it from CanvasPrints.com! 

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