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24 x 12 Canvas Print

24 x 12

24 x 12

Panoramas aren’t just for horizontal photos! A tall and thin canvas print can have just as much impact, if not more than a wide print. Today’s featured product is our unique and unforgettable 24 x 12 canvas prints.

A tall canvas print is super unique and somewhat uncommon in the home decor world? However, they are beautiful pieces of art that can fill more niche areas of wall space and are constructed with the same impeccable quality as all of our other canvas sizes.

A 24 x 12 canvas print can truly help to make your living room that much more personalized, and your guests just might think they walked into an art gallery instead! 

Don’t settle for just posting your favorite photos on Facebook, only to be forgotten once everyone scrolls away! Hang them up with pride right in your home.