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15 Ways To Spruce Up Your Workplace With Art in 2021

With vaccinations on the rise, and lockdown restrictions finally being lifted, many of us are returning to our offices and workplaces. Transitioning back to working at the office after working from home for many months can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite products that can help your office or workplace feel a bit more homey and welcoming for yourself and your coworkers!

1. Custom Canvas Prints -

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Bring in a small, or large piece of your favorite memory right into your office with a custom canvas print! Much more flexible than traditional photo printing, you can create a canvas print of almost any size, from 8” x 8” inches, all the way up to 40” x 40”. Simply upload your favorite photo, like a family portrait, a snapshot of your little one's first home-run, or your favorite vacation photo, and design your new canvas in just a few clicks! 


2.  Clear Acrylic Dry Erase Calendar 

art work place

You will love this acrylic calendar! Acrylic is the most amazing writing surface. Wet-erase markers erase completely, and don't ghost or stain like so many erasable calendars. You will LOVE writing and erasing on this calendar.

3. FunkoPop Character Figures 

art work place

Spend the day at work with your favorite characters from popular movies and TV shows with FunkoPop! Pick from hundreds of characters and collections, and find your perfect desk companion! 

4. Desk Organization Wall Storage 

art work place

Clear up space and clutter on your desk with this handy wall storage solution! Our clever desk organization system is the perfect solution when you’re short on space. The wall-mounted track comes with three hanging compartments to keep all your essentials neatly organized. The clean lines and beautiful Weathered Black finish will add style to any study space.

5. Northwind Supply Personalized Leather MousePad

art work place

Create your own personalized leather mouse pad for yourself or a coworker! Perfect for adding your own style and flair to your desk and office. Handmade in the USA, this custom office decor will last a lifetime! 

6. Artificial Succulent Plants

art work place

Add some green to your desk or windowsill without the hassle of daily maintenance of real plants! These small accent succulent plants will help bring a touch of life and color to your office. 

7. Colorful Leather Desk Pad Protector 

art work place

Made of durable PU leather material, which protects your desk from scratches, stains, spills, heat and scuffs. It also gives your office a modern and professional atmosphere when you put it on your desktop. Its smooth surface will make you enjoy writing, typing and browsing. It is perfect for both office and home.

8. 3D Dynamic Sand Art 

art work place

Lead-free high transparency glass as clear crystal as the water drop allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of quicksand. Products' detail is fine, carefully screened sand, colorful, levels clearly demarcated, flow out of the pattern of 3D effect. 

9. Renashed Newtons Cradle

art work place

A classic desk accessory that you can never go wrong with! Features a steel frame and 5 high polished smooth steel balance balls, which are more durable and easy to transfer and store more energy when colliding. 

10. Marbrasse Desktop Glass Planter Hydroponics Vase

art work place

Artistically crafted from durable iron and clear glass with fine craftsmanship, and creatively designed depicting a bird on the stand ,adds more vitality to your office or home. Perfect for small plants and flowers! 

11. Marble and Wood Geometric Accessories

art work place

Made of solid mango wood and marble, and featuring unique geometric shapes and faceted surfaces, our Marble & Wood Geometric Objects double as paperweights and art for your desk.

12. Octo Lights Fluorescent Light Covers

art work place

Reduce harsh fluorescent glares and escape the indoors without leaving your desk. Liven up any fluorescent lighting system with the Octo Lights' cloud design light diffuser panels to make every day feel like you're outside on a lovely, clear day. Octo Lights' decorative cloud light covers seamlessly fit any standard 2x4 fluorescent ceiling light. The actual size of each cover measures 22.38” x 46.5”.

13. 3 Tier  Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

art work place

Bring a calming, zen, and decorative feel to your desktop! 3 tiers create a gentle soothing flow of water replicating the sights and sounds of a tranquil spring. Quiet, built-in, submersible pump automatically circulates the water, keeping it free of algae buildup. 

14. Haitral Industrial Desk Lamp

art work place

This vintage lamp is 16.9 inch (H) x 5.9 inch (W), It is a small rustic desk lamp that punches a lot of light, able to brighten up a room by itself. Place on your desk or in your office for a modest, refined look in fashion lighting. This charming design showcases a tubular metal body and wooden lamp base with an exposed bulb for an added industrialized touch.

15. Areaware Concrete Desk Set

art work place

Industrial-inspired desk accessory collection by Areaware, made from concrete in a smooth finish that blends crisp angles with rounded edges for a modern look that sets your space apart. Comes with a tray, pencil holder and tape dispenser.


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