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Upgrading Your Bedroom Decor Made Easy

Upgrading Your Bedroom Decor Made Easy

Our bedrooms are some of our most intimate places. It's where we spend almost one-third of our entire life after all! However, when it comes to our bedroom decor, it's often an afterthought as our rooms are typically in a constant state of disorganization and a mish-mash of styles. Let help you upgrade your bedroom by suggesting a few different stylistic tips to use when overhauling your bedroom decor.


Broadly speaking, interior design and interior designers themselves use the principle of layers to organize and design the visual space in any given room.

Put more simply, this means that the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the wall decor, end tables, the bed, and other objects all act as layers that build upon, contrast, or complement each other in a bedroom or any space for that matter.

By developing and crafting each part individually with the whole in mind, one can achieve beautiful results for your bedroom decor no matter the size or shape.

Small Spaces

Small spaces are inherently limited given their size, but that doesn’t mean that the small size of the room can’t be made into an awesome space. Decorating small spaces means that every item has to serve a purpose and even pull double duty. Perhaps our woven blankets would make a perfect accent to the bed? 

In addition to the items being dual-purpose, the judicious use of mirrors and correct lighting can also make a small bedroom appear bigger, but don’t be afraid to go bold and have a large item to create a focal point for the room.

Large Spaces

In comparison to small spaces, large bedroom spaces present unique challenges. High ceilings, large expanses of walls, and even the amount of traffic in the space will all present interesting interior design choices that must be considered when designing the space.

One of our top tips when designing for a large bedroom space is to simply break up the space into “multiple” sections. Doing so will better help you to tackle the space in a piecemeal manner, but still, achieve a holistic look throughout the room.

Because of the larger walls, this is the perfect opportunity to go BIG. Our 60x60 custom canvas prints or triptychs can help fill out your wall space with a stunning image.

Accent Walls

No matter the size of your bedroom space, an accent wall can create an arresting or further inviting area of visual interest in your home.

Usually, an accent wall is a wall that stands out from the surrounding interior decor but is a different shade, color, texture, or even made from an entirely different material than the rest of the room. 

Other items such as large paintings, wall decor, or even plants can be used to further emphasize the accent wall. And as one last piece of advice, accent walls are traditionally the first wall someone will see as they enter a space.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting has seen somewhat of a resurgence in interior design as of late with various mood lighting fixtures such as LED light ropes, recessed lights, and light bars that were once just the realm of your favorite Youtuber or Twitch streamer now becoming household staples in Millennial and Gen Z rooms, apartments, and homes. General trends aside, layered lighting is simply an attempt to create a well-lit room using multiple lights that create further visual interest in a space.

Multifunctional Furniture

If you have a small bedroom or space, multifunctional furniture is a must. Pulling double duty and being efficient goes a long way when you lack the overall square footage. Luckily, with the rise of camper living, tiny homes, and chic van living, companies like Resource Furniture and the Italian furniture maker Clei have been creating stylish and functional, unique, and stylish systems.

Accent Color

Much like an accent wall, an accent color can offer a much-needed pop of color in a monochromatic bedroom that uses a limited color palette. A good way to ensure that you land upon an appropriate accent color for your space is to brush up on complementary colors and color theory in general. Below is an awesome video that goes into some detail about color theory.

By following the tips outlined in the video, you can arm yourself with the knowledge about how colors can work together to create a beautiful space. 

That aside, just like how an accent wall can use different materials, accent colors can go a step further by using different patterns for an additional visual splash that is sure to pop!

Two-Tone Palette 

If you watched the color theory video above, you should understand this interior design trend. Still, if not, a two-tone color palette is the minimalist-inspired use of a color palette that revolves around using a darker shade and a light hue of a base color to round out the rest of the color scheme. 

It’s an easy and effective way to create a unified visual aesthetic with just one color! 

You further develop this palette by incorporating it into the walls via an abstract canvas college or wall display to augment the palette with a separate but equal complementary two-tone color scheme. 

Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns is perhaps the most challenging aspect of interior design, but if done properly, can be an awesome way to enliven any space.

The first rule we suggest is to start with a “showstopping” or visually arresting rug pattern. Using the rug’s pattern as a base to work off from will provide an anchor so to speak for the rest of the bedroom to play off of. 

The second rule is to keep it to a limited color palette. By following a simple color scheme, or perhaps even using a two-tone palette, you can further cement the clash of patterns into a harmonious composition by using a limited color scheme. 

After deciding upon the anchor pattern and color scheme, the last step is to find complementary patterns that align with your palette and anchor pattern. Be sure to not go overboard with adding additional patterns. Three distinct, yet complementary patterns is a good “ceiling”. Four or more patterns tend to be “too busy” in a visual sense to act in a harmonious manner.

Bring the Outdoors In 

If your bedroom feels a bit flat and lifeless, another great tip we suggest is to include various plants in your bedroom decor. The rise in plant ownership has given way to all sorts of interior design aesthetics that look to further incorporate Mother Earth into your living spaces. The best part of this tip is that you can bring whatever plants you love into your home and bedroom!

Themes - Nautical, Farmhouse, Minimalist, and More!

The final piece of advice we can offer when overhauling your bedroom decor is that if all of our other tips sound too daunting or overwhelming, there is no issue at all with sticking with a tried and true design aesthetic; whether that’s a modern rustic farmhouse or a sleek minimalist bedroom design, the choice is yours to make at the end of the day. 

However, the best part is that there are plenty of ready-made online resources that can help you detail and nail your aesthetic. Better yet, you can create a Pinterest or vision board to help you with the overall design inspiration!


Whether you are going for that sleek, minimalist aesthetic, a lush plant-filled space, or a chic two-tone color palette for your bedroom, the options and choices are almost endless!

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with some great starting points (and inspiration) to get started on your bedroom makeover, and remember, can help provide anything from your wall decor, like our art prints, to comfy blankets and pillows!