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Best Canvas Prints in 2021

best canvas prints 2021

In 2021, canvas prints are one of the most popular ways to add a sense of character to a living room, office, business, restaurants, and more. Canvas prints allow for more flexibility and creativity than normal photo printing. The signature look of a canvas print is the way that the photo wraps around the frame and is raised from the wall, making them stand out even more than a normal print. This is why we say that our canvas prints are able to bring your memories to life. Also, no need to worry about matching frames with other photos you may already have. With a canvas print, the photo simply has no frame, since it wraps around and hides the frame underneath.   

Because of the quality and sense of charisma that a canvas print comes with, they always make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any occasion, no matter how big or small. Because we print every canvas at an unparalleled quality, our products will become cherished pieces your family can hang for years to come. 

Canvas was originally used in the 12th century in areas of Asia as a medium to display paintings. Eventually, it made its way into Europe, where photos started to appear on canvas rather than painting. Now in 2021, canvas has become increasingly available and popular thanks to technological advances in photo printing and canvas design itself. 

Whether it’s a smaller 8” x 8” square canvas, or a larger canvas (up to 40” tall or wide) canvas prints are simply the best way to make your photo stand out from the crowd. Canvas photo printing is also extremely versatile, lending themselves to any type of photo. Family portraits? You got it. Large landscape photos? Canvas prints are sure to bring the viewer into the environment of the photo. With you can even design your own wall display or put multiple photos on a single canvas with a collage. Browse our selection of products here! 

If you know you want a canvas print in your home, but you’re not sure what type of photo to upload, make sure you visit our super helpful idea gallery. Here, you’ll be able to browse through some of the most popular types of canvas prints that we love and find some inspiration for your next canvas print. Some of the most popular images that we see go through our presses are family photos, pet portraits, kids sports shots, wedding photos, landscape images, and vacation pictures! 

Whatever image you choose, in our opinion, the best canvas print is the one that shows off your favorite memory and helps you remember a special moment. We find that our customers love our canvas prints because it adds a unique personal aspect to your home, and they’re a great way to decorate with photos without breaking the bank. Our canvas prints will be a special piece that will capture the attention of any of your guests, friends or family.

At, we've streamlined the entire process so you can be hanging a custom, gallery quality canvas in your home as soon as possible. Once you’ve decided on your photo, simply upload it onto our canvas design tool and see a preview of your photo on one of our canvases right away. We’ll recommend a specific canvas size tailored directly to your photo, or you can pick from any of our 1,000 sizes, and various border colors to find the perfect canvas print for your photos and memories. Now that we’ve got your canvas size decided. We have even more options for you to choose from to personalize your canvas even more. Do you want your canvas to stand even more, you might want to upgrade your canvases depth from the standard .75” to 1.5”. This depth is more often used by galleries and museums, and lends itself to an even more premium professional feel. You can also upgrade to our premium hanging kit, which is also a more professional style of hanging a canvas print. However, our standard sawtooth hanging hardware is plenty sturdy and reliable. Finally, if you want to forego the classic canvas look, and get your canvas wrapped in white, black or grey we have those options available for you. 

Although our canvases are extremely affordable, don’t mistake them for anything less than impeccable quality. If you’re a professional photographer, artist, or if you’re just a perfectionist looking for great image quality, every one of our canvases are printed at the highest possible specifications, no matter what image submitted. You can rest assured that our canvases will make your professional photographs and digital artwork look amazing, for an unbeatable price. Furthermore, keep us behind the scenes and make sure that you choose the blind shipping option before you check out. This will sneakily remove any mention or branding of so your clients and customers can focus solely on your photographs or artwork. 

If you need a larger number of canvases we also offer wholesale options, featuring prices up to 38% lower than our retail options. We are happy to talk to you to figure out exactly how we can help you achieve your canvas goal. Contact us to get started

Cheap Canvas Prints

best canvas prints 2021

Canvas prints have become a staple in the photo printing industry, and one of the most popular ways to tie together home decor and personalize interior spaces. This increase in popularity comes with an increase of producers of canvas prints. So how do you know where to get the best quality for your money. It can be hard to sort through the many websites and companies that are selling canvas prints and know if you’ve made the right choice. 

At we use industry leading technologies to create gallery quality canvases at unbeatable prices. Starting at just $11.98, you can proudly hang an expertly crafted canvas print, made 100% in the USA, in your home or office. We offer next day shipping, and free shipping on any order over $150. Exceptional quality canvas print is now more accessible than ever with Our prices are up to 90% lower than the industry average, allowing anyone to bring a staple piece of art into their home decor. 

Of course the most important part of a canvas print is the canvas itself. There are actually a few different types of canvas, made with various materials. Lots of our competitors use canvas that is much higher in polyester content. While helpful when stretching the canvas over its frame, polyester is less durable and does not produce the same rich, vibrant colors than our custom cotton blended canvases.  

Not only do we use the best quality canvas possible, we use strictly American made canvas from Austin, Texas. This is why each and every canvas that we produce possesses bright, saturated colors that helps it stand out amongst the crowd. We obsess over top-tier quality even further by using solvent, water resistant inks made in Kentucky. This extends the life of your canvas by giving you the ability to gently wipe away any dirt or dust that might find its way onto your print. 

Although invisible in the final product, the wooden frame of a canvas print is the backbone of the canvas. It’s important to use high quality, durable materials to construct this frame to ensure that your canvas will last a lifetime. Like our canvas and inks, we use environmentally friendly pine-wood to construct each frame, handmade by a craftsman in our shop. Next your canvas will be stretched across the frame using an automated stretching machine. We use this machine to ensure the perfect tension for every canvas we make. Too tight, and the ink will crack, too loose and the photo won’t be displayed perfectly level. With this technique, it’s just right every single time. 

Our commitment to quality doesn’t end at production. We shrink wrap your canvas to protect it from any scratches, fit it with corner protectors, and ship it in a custom made box. And if you don’t like the final product, we have a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re anything less than completely satisfied with your canvas, feel free to contact us and we will do everything in our power to ratify the situation. 

Best Canvas Prints

best canvas prints 2021

Along with being a classy and affordable way to dress up your home decor with photos, Canvas prints are also extremely versatile. We offer 1,000 unique sizes of canvases, along with custom wall displays, collages, triptychs, and various other design options to fit your style and needs. Let’s get a little more in depth on all of our quality canvas options available at

If you have just one cherished photo that you want to stick out from the crowd, you might be interested in a larger canvas print, like a 24” x 36” canvas. Want to go even bigger and bolder? We can create a canvas up to 40 inches tall or wide, guaranteed to command the attention of any viewer. Larger prints are better suited to well, larger rooms. These types of areas are usually entryways, living rooms, lobbies, or even your bedroom. Some of our favorite large canvas prints are group family photos, huge landscape photos, or even sports action shots! 

Our wall displays are an exciting way to create a collection of canvas prints and tell a complete story by utilizing multiple photos and arranging them in a dynamic way. We have a collection of 14 unique displays, ranging from 3 to 9 photos, so your guests can relive any moment every time they walk into a room. Some of our customers order a number of small 8”x8” canvases and create their own wall displays. The options are almost limitless. 

Or, maybe you want to display a collection of photos, but you don’t have the wall space available for multiple canvases. Enter our custom canvas collages. We offer 8 different collage styles, and our collage design tool makes it easy to upload photos and see your collage right on your computer screen, before it’s even printed. We love our custom collages so much because of the creativity they inspire while still being efficient with space. 

We are all extremely excited about our new canvas triptychs, one of our best ways to make an absolute statement. Consisting of three large canvas prints, they work together to display one large image. A great way to fill up a large amount of space, they’re a touch more creative than a large single print. They’re guaranteed to garner the attention of any viewers and be the centerpiece of any room. The best images for triptychs tend to be landscape photos or environmental portraits. We offer four triptych canvas sizes. Each variation has been deliberately chosen to fit almost any scenario. Ranging from 20” x 30” to 32” x 48” in total image size, each of our triptych canvas prints will fit perfectly above standard size furniture. Upload your photo into our custom triptych creator and get started! 

best canvas prints 2021

Why Choose

best canvas prints 2021 is your #1 choice for all things canvas because of one reason, we were founded with the sole mission of providing nothing less than stellar quality canvas prints, while maintaining the lowest prices on the market. We’re so proud of our canvas products that each order is back by a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the final product, we’ll happily reprint your canvas or issue a full refund. 

CanvasPrints uses new, state of the art Eco-Solvent Inks on our array of Epson S60600L 60" Production Presses along with PrintFactory custom color calibration system to give life-like balances to your photos and illustrations. Eco-Solvent inks are one of the most environmentally friendly inks in production today. With two 4 color printheads, we are able to reach 98% of the visible color gamut, meaning incredible color reproduction.

Each and every canvas is then constructed with care and attention to detail on our hand-made, durable pine-wood frames, resulting in a final product that is sure to last a lifetime and look great in any setting. Furthering our canvases’ quality, everything that goes into our canvas prints is from the United States, and printed, assembled and then shipped from right here in North Carolina. Our commitment to quality & attention to detail, combined with our unbeatable prices make the best choice for any type of canvas printing job. 

 We’re so passionate about canvas that we want to make this style of elegant photo printing even more accessible and popular. We are almost always offering some sort of discount or deal for any holiday or season. The best way to stay in the know about these kinds of deals is by following us on social media, and subscribing to our email newsletter! Also, any returning customers that sign up to receive our email newsletter will receive exclusive VIP offers! 

As always, just simply upload your photo today and get started in no time!

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