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Even The Best Make Mistakes! Here Is How We Correct Them

Even The Best Make Mistakes! Here Is How We Correct Them

When you’re entrusting your favorite photos with a company to be turned into home decor, you should always be sure that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. I can imagine that our Customer Pamela Linton-Hooker sure is after this order.

What started out as an ordinary order of an awesome Photo Pillow, quickly turned into a bit of a living nightmare… admittedly this is all our fault.

Designing your own custom photo pillow isn’t all guesswork - we promise! When you're creating your pillow, just be sure to pay close attention to our guidelines in order to keep the most important part of your image within the “safe zone”. This will ensure that the detailed parts of your photo like peoples faces, arms, and heads are on the front of the pillow, not wrapped around the edges! 

custom photo pillow

However, you don’t have to stress. We know that accidents happen (this one was on our end!), and our customer service team is dedicated to making sure that your new home decor makes all your guests' jaws drop, not terrifies them! If you’re not completely satisfied with how your order looks, just get in touch with us at to make everything right as fast as possible. 

While it would definitely be a great conversation starter, we’re not sure that this slight mishap would be the most elegant addition to Pamela's home. This is why has always offered our 100% money back guarantee. We’re reprinting Pamela's pillow with a better image, and refunding her original purchase in full! 

Custom photo pillows are a great way to add a super unique piece of decor to your sofa, and cuddle up with your favorite memories and photos. However, it turns out that not every photo is perfectly suited to be turned into a pillow, resulting in this terrifying (but kinda cute?) pillow that Pamela ordered. 

Your photos are always in good hands at - we use only the best, American-made materials, and each product is crafted with care by our many skilled craftsmen. And as always, each one is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. We’d also like to give a special thanks to Pamela for sharing her story!