How to Hang a Picture Perfectly without a Level

So you ordered your stunning canvas print and you added the hanging kit, but now that it's been delivered, you just realized you don’t have a level to make sure that your canvas print isn’t hanging at an angle. Fear not, we have a few different tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that your canvas print is leveled and looks beautiful on your wall or wherever you hang it!

Smartphone Level

If you’re like most people, you have a smartphone in your pocket. Luckily there are plenty of digital-level apps that are free to download and use. Just download one that you trust, but we suggest Bubble Level. Luckily this app is available for both iPhone and Android

Using a Tape Measure

This method requires you to have a tape measure, but simply start the tape measure from the ceiling and measure to the edge of your canvas print. Make sure they align and if they don’t it means that you’ll have to realign your canvas print to ensure it’s level.

The Gumball Method

This method is also simple but assumes you have a gumball. That being said, any small ball will work. Simply use the gumball as the level by placing the ball in the middle of the print and letting go. If your canvas print is slanted either too far right or too far left, the gumball will roll to that side and indicate that your print isn’t level.

Use a Water Bottle

This method replaces the gumball with a bottle of water and acts the exact same way that a bubble level works. Just make sure that your bottle cap is screwed on tight!

Hang Shelves Instead

While this seems counterintuitive, hanging shelves and placing your canvas print on them creates more visual interest on your wall. The shelf becomes an additional visual element that compliments your canvas print in a way that goes beyond a simple accent frame or floater frame.


Hopefully, you’ve found tips and tricks that can help you decorate your walls with your beautiful canvas prints the first time! Even without a traditional level, you’ll still be able to hang and display your prints with ease with our hanging kit and bring together your interior decor to create a stunning living space that’ll wow and amaze for years to come.

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