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5 Thoughtful & Personalized Graduation Gifts For Him or Her

Graduation gifts

May is here and the spring semester is coming to a close, which means graduation season is here! Across the country, high school and college graduates are celebrating their hard work and looking forward to taking their first steps into the real world. If you're looking for special ways to capture the moment or help the grad in your life celebrate, we’ve put together a quick guide to the best unique graduation gift ideas this year. 

Graduations are some of the most exciting times in a young person’s life. It’s a time to celebrate hard work, reflect on the past, and look forward to great changes and opportunities that lie ahead. That’s why this important time should be captured and displayed in your home.

Once you’ve sorted through the way too many photos that you snapped during and after the ceremony, head over to to browse through our wide selection of products to find the perfect way to showcase your grad! 

After graduation, many grads will want to start filling their new apartments or dorms with their own style, help them get started with new art or their favorite memories.

Find your favorite memories or their favorite art to create home decor with canvas and metal prints, custom photo pillows, and blankets, or our NEW posters. Whatever their style, we’ve got you covered to help you celebrate your grad's accomplishments and send them off to embark on whatever comes next!

The Classic Canvas Print

Graduation gifts

Every spring, our custom canvas prints are some of the most popular high school and college graduation gifts. Easy, elegant, and affordable, these versatile prints can turn an ordinary photo into a reminder of a favorite memory or a loved one.

Whether your grad is heading off to college or accepting a job across the country, our collection of custom decor and gifts is full of great options to help them decorate their dorm or apartment's living room with their favorite art and memories.

Available in sizes from 8 inches to 60 inches wide, you can create a small desktop accessory for a dorm room or a head-turning centerpiece for your grad's first apartment. Thanks to our proprietary cotton-based canvas and water-resistant inks, your canvas gift will be one that they can cherish forever. 

Wall Displays & Collages

Graduation gifts

These striking variations of canvas prints are an exceptional way to create the best graduation gifts this year. All you need to do is collect a variety of their favorite pictures and memories to create a dynamic gift that will help them feel more at home in their new dorm or apartment. 

Our canvas wall displays make great graduation gifts for the grad who is looking to fill their new space with love. Use 9 individual photos to create a dynamic display that will show off their favorite memories of family, friends, or even pets. Whether you focus on a variety of events or just that one special moment our displays are the perfect fit for their new space. 

If dorm room space is tight, check out our canvas collages to create high school graduation gifts, a great way to decorate a smaller dorm with a collection of heartfelt pictures. Collages are available with up to 16 photos all on one canvas, and in sizes from 12” x 12” to 30” x 30”. 

Custom Photo Pillows & Blankets

Graduation gifts

Create an even more unique & personalized graduation gift with our new custom photo pillows and blankets! Perfect for the grad that is planning on going to school up north or taking a job in a colder climate, they can hold their memories even closer with these custom home decor graduation gifts.  

We’ve created two distinct blanket styles, each that will provide plenty of comfort through their exceptional materials and softness, and the touching photos that they display. Design a stylish woven blanket or a cozy fleece photo blanket to make a unique and personalized graduation gift today! 

Next, one of the best graduation present ideas this year are custom photo pillows! Stitched with love, and packed with comfy polyester, these pillows let you experience the same lifelike details and colors of our canvas prints on a pillow that you can cuddle up with! 

These custom pillows make great graduation presents, available in sizes from 10” x 14, all the way to 26” x 26”! Make sure to check out our guidelines for the best photos for custom pillows to make sure your graduation gift stands out. 

Metal Prints

Graduation gifts

Finally, our newest custom prints now come on METAL! These durable and striking metal prints easily transform a simple photo into a lifelike rendition of a special memory. Perfect for printing family photos, our metal prints can act as a window into a special memory thanks to our new cutting-edge printing tech. We fuse your photo onto a sheet of art-grade aluminum, resulting in a print with lifelike colors and details that will let your grad cherish a heartfelt moment every day. 

Metal prints can help commemorate your loved ones' hard work and accomplishments, and remind them of special moments for when they start their next chapter. 

Gift Cards

Not quite sure what your grad's style is, but you want to help them get started on their home decor journey? Grab a gift card to let them unleash their creativity and create their own custom decor. Easy to use and delivered right to your inbox!