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Remembering Loved Ones With Canvas Prints

canvas prints

canvas prints

This holiday season we were ecstatic to hear from a happy canvas customer that warmed our hearts. Vicki G, a long time customer of, recently reached out to us to tell us about her most recent order, a gift for her mother in law.

Vicki’s 98 year old mother in law, had been carrying around a small, crinkled up photograph of her late husband for years. After fixing it up a bit, Vicki used to turn it into a custom 34x21 canvas print.

Now, her mother in law can enjoy her cherished wedding photo depicting her and her dear husband together everyday, in a much larger fashion than a small aging photo. Vicki wrote “It is stunning. My mother in law stares at it all day long. She gets to see her love everyday, this is such a precious gift for her. Thank you, CanvasPrints!” 

These are the stories that make us proud to help people around the world remember their favorite photographs, memories and loved ones on gallery quality canvas prints, at affordable prices.

If you or a family member has a special picture that you think would look amazing printed onto a large canvas, you can get started in just a few clicks!