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Advanced Automated Framing

What Is Advanced Automated Framing?

Fitting a canvas to a frame is the make-or-break part of the canvas printing process. Advanced automated framing minimizes the opportunity for human error and perfectly stretches the canvas across the frame.

Methods of Canvas Stretching

There are two main methods of stretching canvas. Let’s dive in and examine each.

Advanced Automated Framing

Advanced automated framing uses a state of the art machine to evenly stretch a piece of canvas across a handmade frame. This allows the framing technician to ensure proper stapling and folds for a perfect final product.

Popular Automated Framing Machines:

  • Stretch Master
  • Gallery Stretcher

Advantages of Advanced Automated Framing:

  • Does not cause stress fractures in the canvas.
  • Custom sizes ranging from 10” to 64”.
  • Highly-accurate.
  • Mitigates miscuts.
  • Staple and stretch two sides at once.
  • Up to 80 canvases an hour.
  • Compatible with a variety of materials.

Disadvantages of Advanced Automated Framing:

  • Large footprint.
  • Only for professional needs.

Stretching By Hand

Stretching by hand is a more feasible option for home use. Although the outcome will not be on the same level as a professional-grade machine, this is acceptable for personal needs.

Popular Hand Stretching Kits:

  • Pro Dixie Canvas Kit
  • Wraptek Stretching Kit

Advantages of Stretching By Hand:

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Do it yourself.

Disadvantages of Stretching By Hand:

  • Time-consuming process.
  • May lose shape overtime.
  • Prone to imperfections.

Canvas stretching is an intricate process that requires high attention to detail. For commercial use, advanced automated framing is the only way to go. Advanced automated framing nearly eliminates human error and helps create a final canvas print full of longevity.