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Custom In-House Frame Shop

What Is A Custom In-House Frame Shop?

For canvas prints to be properly displayed, a custom frame is needed. Different canvas printing companies use a variety of materials to build these frames. Since frames are the backbone of a canvas print, each frame must be made with the highest-quality materials.

Wood Used in Custom In-House Frame Shops

Let’s touch on the different types of wood used to create a custom frame.

Pine Board

Pine board is used in the majority of custom in-house frame shops. Pine has a more natural look and is one solid piece of wood, rather than compressed particles. uses kiln-cured pine in our custom in-house frame shop.

Common Pine Boards:

  • Pine Common Board
  • Radiata Pine Board

Advantages of Pine Board:

  • Appearance is more natural.
  • Lighter-weight.
  • Strong and durable. 
  • Resistant to warping.

Disadvantages of Pine Board:

  • More expensive

MDF Board

MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard. This material is an engineered wood product that uses high temperatures and pressure to combine wood particles, wax, and resin. 

  • Radius Edge MDF
  • Raw MDF

Advantages of MDF Board:

  • Easy to paint for desired carpentry needs.
  • Makes for stellar DIY shelving and furniture.
  • Perfect for moulding in farmhouse and modern styled interior designs.
  • A latex, or oil-based paint, that is construction grade is generally recommended.
  • Common Size: 1-in x 2-in x 8-ft.

Disadvantages of MDF Board:

  • Heavier than particleboard.
  • Less durable than pine

When shopping for a canvas print, it is wise to inquire about the company's frame building process. The materials and construction of a canvas frame in a custom in-house frame shop determine if the canvas print will carry on your photographed memory for a few years or a lifetime.