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Fleece Photo Blankets

Custom fleece blankets are a great way to share your favorite memories and images at home with your favorite people.

Warm Up With Your Memories

Fleece photo blankets bring a layer of ultra-comfort to your home. Our fleece photo blankets are made with 100% polyester for the perfect softness. Outfitted with a custom front print, you can add your favorite images to this cozy blanket. Rather than a blank and boring blanket, create a unique personalized blanket.

Printed on lightweight fleece, these customized blankets are the best choice for cuddling. When accompanied by a movie night and a roaring fireplace, fleece photo blankets stand out as the true MVP. 

Our diverse range of sizes fits toddlers to adults. Each size is crafted with the highest quality polyester and inks to create a perfect personalized blanket. A stellar customize blanket is created with both comfort and image quality in mind. Thanks to our printing process, neither comfort nor image quality is sacrificed when it comes to our custom made blankets.

Fleece Photo Blankets


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Three Sizes Available
100% Polyester Fleece Blanket
Super soft fleece with hemmed edges
Machine wash & dry

Personalized blankets are the home decor piece that you have been looking for. Outfitted with your favorite images, you can bring more love into your home. Every time you snuggle with a fleece photo blanket you will be reminded of your favorite memories associated with the blanket.

Additionally, customized blankets make for the perfect gift to loved ones and friends. You can print vacation memories, family portraits, pet portraits, and newborn photos to a blanket. These image ideas are perfect to give as presents to grandparents. 

Personalized blankets also offer value. They are an affordable way to create custom home decor and will last for many years to come. The premium polyester material is made for night after night of cuddles. 

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Photo blankets are one of the newer items in the rising trend of personalized home decor. Rather than hanging your favorite photos on the wall, you can now print them onto a customized blanket. You can take almost any photo from your smartphone, Facebook, and Instagram and turn it into a photo blanket.

By turning your favorite photos into photo blankets, you will create a decor piece and a practical piece in one blanket. The high-quality dye used in our printing process ensures a crisp print, while our polyester fleece ensures comfort. This combination of style and comfort makes photo blankets perfect for anyone.

The affordable price point makes photo blankets accessible. Whether you need a blanket for your first apartment or your brand new mansion, we’ve got you covered. When you order a photo blanket from, you can sleep comfortably knowing you’ll have your fleece photo blanket in just a couple of weeks.

Fleece Photo Blankets


There is no better feeling than warming up with a custom blanket after a long day. Not only is a custom blanket great for snuggling on the couch, but it is also great for comfort at an outdoor event. The fleece material will work to keep you warm through cold days. Just like our other printed products, custom blankets are printed in America. Each blanket uses all polyester and fabric inks to create the most comfortable custom blanket you’ve ever owned. 

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