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Triptych Wall Art

We are incredibly excited to introduce our new line of Triptych Canvas Art Prints. Creating your own Triptych is incredibly fun, and we just know that you'll love the outcome. Click the link below to see what we mean!

Create Beautiful Pieces W/ Triptychs

Triptych Canvas Prints

Triptych wall art is a multi-panel canvas print featuring your favorite family portraits, pet portraits, and nature scenes. It is a statement piece that draws in the attention of your guests, leaving them mesmerized at the beautiful wall art display. Triptych wall art is created by taking a single image and dividing it across three canvas prints

Triptych Wall Art

Classic Triptych

Total Dimensions of Triptych: 32" x 48"

Size of Each Print: 32" x 16"

Triptych Wall Art

Classic Flow Triptych

Total Dimensions of Triptych: 32" x 48"

One 32" x 16" Print & Two 28" x 16" Prints

How To Create Triptych Prints

Our online designer tool makes it easy to create triptych wall art. You will start by uploading one image. Our powerful designer will then split the image onto the three canvas prints. During this process, your entire image is kept and no parts of the image are removed. 

Triptych wall art first originated in the Middle Ages as religious artwork. The multi-panel triptychs allowed for easy transportation of larger pieces of art. Since then, triptych wall art grew in popularity across Europe and Asia, eventually making its way to the Americas.

Now, Triptych wall art is seen all across the world in both religious and modern art applications. Our fully customizable triptychs are perfect for family portraits, nature photographs, pet portraits, and other personal photographs. Your beautiful image will stand out on a triptych above couches, beds, and in foyers. Each triptych panel is made with 100% American made materials and handcrafted by canvas experts.

Triptych Canvas

Triptych canvas is a dynamic and stunning piece of art. The multi-panel canvas print turns your favorite images into a focal point within any room. Printed on gallery-quality canvas, our triptych canvas prints offer the best value for quality available. This is a creative take on canvas printing that allows you to take your living room, bedroom, or office to a new and inspiring level.

Triptych Wall Art

Cozy Triptych

Total Dimensions of Triptych: 20" x 30"

Size of Each Print: 20" x 10"

Triptych Wall Art

Cozy Flow Triptych

Total Dimensions of Triptych: 20" x 30"

One 20" x 10" Print & Two 18" x 10" Prints

Where Can I Print Triptych Wall Art?

We offer four triptych canvas sizes. Each size has been deliberately chosen to fit almost any scenario. Ranging from 20” x 30” to 32” x 48” in total image size, each of our triptych canvas prints will fit perfectly above standard-sized furniture.

Our standard collection provides two unique sizes. The Cozy is a set of three 20” x 10” canvas prints totaling a size of 20” x 30”. This set fits perfectly above a loveseat or behind a twin to full-size bed. The standard collection also offers a Classic triptych at 32” x 48”. The Classic triptych contains three 32” x 16” prints. The Classic set fits perfectly behind a three-person couch or above a queen or king-sized bed. 

Additionally, we offer the Flow collection. This collection features two sets of triptychs that have two smaller side canvases and one larger middle canvas. The Cozy Flow triptych contains one 20” x 10” print and two 18” x 10” prints. The Classic Flow contains one 32” x 16” print and two 28” x 16” prints. Each of these triptych canvas sets fits with the same size furniture as the standard collection prints.

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Triptych Canvas Prints

Although triptychs were originally acrylic or oil paintings on three canvases, modern technology has allowed triptych canvas prints to rise in popularity. Triptych canvas prints divide an image into three sections to create a multi-panel display. 

The Best Photos For Triptych Prints

The popular image content of triptych canvas prints includes family portraits, cityscapes, sky images, nature photographs, and more. If you have a great photo, print it onto a triptych canvas print to create a focal point in any room. Due to the unique nature of triptych canvas prints, they often become a conversational piece and showcase your photos beautifully. 

Our triptych canvas prints are 100% customizable to allow for any image to be printed.   

Get Your Canvas Prints and Triptychs Fast

Need your new custom canvas prints and triptychs ASAP? We got you covered. Just be sure to select our Next Day Shipping option while you're customizing your canvas. If your order is submitted before 3PM EST, your canvas will be in the mail the very next business day after it's been created. 

What To Consider When Buying Canvas Prints

We know that the photos our customers submit to us to be printed are important to them. At, we take the privilege of printing your photos seriously. That's why we use premium materials, cutting edge printing technology, and every canvas is backed by a 100% guarantee. Order your custom canvas prints with confidence from 

Triptych Wall Art

What Is A Triptych

A triptych is a stunning and dramatic piece of art that is divided into three canvas prints. Often confused with wall displays, a triptych has only one image that has been divided over the three panels. In the Middle Ages, triptychs were often hinged together allowing the print to be folded. However, triptychs now possess three stand-alone panels. A triptych is typically displayed with about 2” between each panel and can be found in living rooms, bedrooms, entryways, and offices. 

How To Make A Triptych

We’ve made this part easy for you. Simply upload your image to our design tool. We will handle the hard part by dividing your image into three sections without losing any of the image. Select from one of our four sizes, and you will see a digital mockup of your triptych. Next, you will be able to select whether you want a digital proof or next-day shipping added to your order.

Our production team makes a triptych just like they would any other canvas: with care and 100% American made materials. From custom cotton blended canvas to pine board, our triptychs lead the pack with affordability and quality. 

What Does Triptych Mean

A triptych is a set of three photos or artistic pieces that are displayed together. Triptychs depict an entire scene throughout three separate canvases, rather than having the entire piece on one canvas. As part of the polyptych family, triptychs are designed to focus the attention of viewers onto the piece. 

How To Make A Triptych From One Photo

From beautiful nature panoramas to lovely family portraits, we have you covered. While other sites may suggest you attempt to divide the image using Photoshop, we’ve streamlined the process so you can upload a photo and order a triptych right from your phone.

Our online design tool takes your single image and automatically divides it over the triptych. This removes the opportunity for human error and saves you from frustrating hours trying to split the image in Photoshop.

In fact, our process is so easy that you can turn your favorite photo into a triptych wall displays in just a matter of minutes


Triptych Wall Art

Total Dimensions: 32" x 48"

Three 32" x 16" Prints

Classic Flow

Triptych Wall Art

Total Dimensions: 32" x 48"

One 32" x 16" Print & Two 28" x 16" Prints


Triptych Wall Art

Total Dimensions: 20" x 30"

Three 20" x 10" Prints

Cozy Flow

Triptych Wall Art

Total Dimensions: 20" x 30"

One 20" x 10" Print & Two 18" x 10" Prints

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