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Water-Resistant Inks

What Is Water-Resistant Ink?

Sometimes life gets a little messy and your canvas prints need a little cleaning. Luckily, water-resistant inks have you covered. Each canvas we ship, no matter the style or size, is printed with eco-solvent Epson Ultrachrome GS3 water resistant inks!

Types of Ink Used in Canvas Printing

The type of ink used for canvas prints can easily determine the quality of your canvas print. Let’s jump in and examine the most commonly used inks.

UV Curable Inks

During the printing process, high-tech printers apply UV light rays to UV curable inks resulting in a chemical reaction that protects the print.

Popular UV Curable Inks:

  • Kao Collins
  • Marabu Inks 

Advantages of UV Curable Inks:

  • Compatible with a wide variety of materials.
  • Quick to dry.
  • Decreased fading over time.
  • VOC Free.

Disadvantages of UV Curable Inks:

  • Increased startup cost.
  • Cannot dry without a curing printer.

Solvent Inks

Solvent inks are a widely used water-based ink that is seen as an environmentally-friendly substitute to solvent-based inks.

Popular Solvent Inks:

  • HP Latex Inks
  • Mimaki

Advantages of Solvent Inks:

  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • Nickel-free.
  • Competitive cost.
  • Crystal clear quality

Disadvantages of Water-Based Latex Inks:

  • Long drying process.
  • Limited range of products suitable for latex printing.

Inks are what make canvas prints pop! It is key that long-lasting and true color inks are used for canvas printing. Solvent inks prevail in high image quality and overall durability, resulting in a canvas print meant to last a lifetime.