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Woven Blankets

Woven blankets invoke warm feelings inside and out - personalize one with your favorite memories and treasure it for years to come.

An Heirloom For Your Memories

Woven blankets are a cozy way to bring personalization into your home. Created with 100% cotton yarn, customized blankets are comfortable and stylish. Offered in three great sizes, a personalized blanket is perfect for snuggling up with. 

The material of woven blankets is great for outdoor events such as sporting events and concerts, helping to keep you warm. Each cotton strand of a customized blanket is dyed before being woven together. This results in a well-made, comfortable, and colorful blanket.

We offer three sizes for our custom made blankets. They are 37” x 52”, 50” x 60”, and 60” x 80”. Each of these blankets has been designed to be long-lasting and used daily. 

Woven Blankets

Personalized Blankets

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Three Sizes Available
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Personalized blankets take your favorite images and weave them into comfortable blankets. A personalized blanket is timeless and cozy. By uploading your favorite image, you can create a customize blanket for your bed, couch, or chair. Woven blankets make for great throw blankets and are perfect for living rooms. 

Additionally, personalized blankets are stellar gifts during the holiday season and for birthdays. Since they are 100% customizable, you can create each blanket to perfection for your loved ones. Thanks to the high-quality cotton, these blankets can last for years to come, becoming a family heirloom. 

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Photo Blankets

Photo blankets feature the most meaningful photos. From weddings and engagement photos to family and baby portraits, photo blankets help to craft your story. They create an inviting aurora in your space, rather than being dry and un-original decor. 

Even nature scenes and pet portraits look great on a photo blanket. Thanks to the 100% cotton material, these photo blankets will show your photographs with awe-inspiring detail. Additionally, graphic design elements and pieces of art look great when weaved into a blanket. This customization ability helps to create a theme in your space and offers balance to wall art. 

Woven Blankets

Custom Blanket

A customized blanket is one of the best personalized gifts available. They provide both comfort and style, creating a gift that anyone will love. A custom blanket is a great way to celebrate recreation sports memories, weddings, vacations, and more. Every time you use your custom blanket, you will be filled with warmth from the material as well as warmth from your favorite memories.

Each custom blanket is made to order in the United States. Using the highest quality cotton yarn, the blanket is dyed and prepared to be welcomed into your home. Each of our three sizes is made with the same high-quality cotton. Our team is dedicated to creating a beautiful photo on a blanket.

Custom Woven Blankets from

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How To Make Photo Blankets

The best way to make a photo blanket is by hiring someone else to do it! If you want to do it yourself, be ready to purchase a special loom and spend hours upon hours weaving the blanket together. Rather, use a site like to make it easy.

Start by uploading your photo and selecting a size. Next, add the item to your cart and place the order. Our team will get to work weaving your blanket almost immediately. Within a few weeks, the photo blanket will be delivered right to your door.

Since woven blankets are created with colored yarns rather than an image being printed onto the blanket, some colors may vary.

Where To Get Personalized Blankets

There are many online stores that offer personalized blankets, but not all of them are high-quality. You will want to be on the lookout for blankets made with 100% cotton, as this is the best material. It is extremely comfortable as well as warm. Additionally, cotton absorbs colors better than synthetic fabrics, resulting in a full-color blanket. 

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