Allegory on the Christian Faith, Jan Wandelaar, 1728 Canvas Print

Allegory on the Christian Faith, Jan Wandelaar, 1728 Canvas Print

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To the right of exaltation is the personification of the Christian faith in the form of an angel with a laurel wreath. Above her head floats the Holy Spirit. In her hands she holds some books from the Bible: Genesis, Isaiah, Zacharias, John and Revelation. Behind her a representation of Christ with a crown of thorns, cross and a serpent who is trampled by him. Next to the angel sits a with a sun above her head as a personification of the light, the good. Her left foot rests on a composite capital. She rep displays evil in the guising of a hideous woman with snakes and a smoking mouth. The ugly woman holds writings of Gnostic figures such as Simon Magus, Arius and Ebion. On the right, a woman writes on a role entitled Reformatio. Two putti in the front right collect the scrolls with titles of writings and events that, according to Pictet, formed the basis of the Christian faith. On the front of the elevation are the title and the author of the book.

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