Battle of Peterwaradijn (4 Aug. 1716), Jan Wandelaar, 1729 Canvas Print

Sheet printed with text on both sides, an engraved initial D and a cartouche depicting the Battle of Petrovaradin (present-day Novi Sad in Serbia) on the Danube with a victory of the imperial troops under the Prince of Savoy over the Turks, August 5, 1716. Sheet (Pages 113-114) from the first part of: Jean du Mont, WarTime Siege of the Battles and Sieges, of the three ... Wydver famous krygsoversten... The Prince Eugenius of Savoy, the ... Duke of Marlborough, and the Prince of Orange and Nassau-Vriesland, in the edition of 1729. This first part is dedicated to the deeds of Eugenius, Prince of Savoy.

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